How to Open and Use Your Backpack in Sons of the Forest

Backpack, backpack.

by Noah Nelson
Image: Attack of the Fanboy

Sons of the Forest starts immediately with you getting a big bag with a backpack. The question is, how do you use your backpack in Sons of the Forest? Yeah, you can open your inventory to equip items and weapons, but is there an easier way?

How to Open Your Backpack in Sons of the Forest

Like everything else, opening and using your backpack in Sons of the Forest isn’t clearly explained. You might stumble upon how to use the backpack, or you could just read our guide to help you survive for much longer.

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To open your backpack in Sons of the Forest, you need to hold the I button or hold down on the d-pad. If you tap the I button or tap down on the d-pad, you’ll spread out your entire inventory. However, if you hold the correct button, you can swing out your backpack.

This is extremely useful because pulling out your entire inventory when you are working on your shelter or in the middle of a fight is very inconvenient. Instead, equip the items you use frequently to your backpack and you can quickly access what you need without digging through everything you own.

How to Use Your Backpack in Sons of the Forest

As mentioned previously, you can equip many items and weapons to the backpack to access your stuff much easier. To do this, open your inventory and select your backpack which is at the top of the inventory area.

With your backpack now in the center of the inventory, you can add or remove anything on the backpack to outfit it with what you want. The backpack acts like a hotbar or quick swap where you can toggle between useful items with ease. Just don’t put cash on the backpack.

- This article was updated on February 24th, 2023