How to Play the Knight Killer in Dead by Daylight: Best Perks, Counters, and More

Get ready to go medieval on Survivors with Dead by Daylight's newest killer, The Knight.

by Matthew Kevin Mitchell

The Knight is Dead by Daylight’s newest Killer, which will be released in Chapter 26, titled Forged in Fog, on November 22. The new Killer has an interesting kit that includes AI spawns similar to Nemesis’ zombies in the form of three different guards called The Faithful Three. However, he will have a difficulty rating of Moderate due to his kit’s mechanics. Chapter 26 will also release a new Survivor called Vittorio Toscano and the Shattered Square map. Here is everything you need to know about the Killer’s kit, perks, counters, and much more.

How to Play the Knight Killer in Dead by Daylight

The Knight was a Hungarian slave that gained his freedom and knighthood through his actions in battle as a soldier. Here is the Knight’s character profile:

  • Name: Tarhos Kovacs
  • Gender: Male
  • Nationality: Hungarian
  • Realm: The Decimated Borgo
  • Power: Guardia Compagnia
  • Power Attack Type: Special Attack
  • Weapon: Imposing Claymore
  • Movement Speed: 115% or 4.6 m/s
  • Terror Radius: 32 Meters
  • Height: Average

The Knight Killer’s Kit


The Knight can summon AI guards by leaving Standard Flags that will patrol specific areas around the map. There are three guards, Assassin, Carnifex, and Jailer, each with a unique power. You can only summon one guard at a time, so you must summon the right guard based on your match. Guards will damage pallets, damage generators, and chase Survivors. When a Survivor encounters an AI guard, they will need to run away from the guard until the clock runs out, removing the Standard Flag the Knight leaves behind or unhooking another Survivor.

The Knight Killer also has three perks:

  • Nowhere to Hide: You reveal the aura of all survivors standing within 24 meters of your position for 3/4/5 seconds after damaging a generator.
  • Hex: Face the Darkness: A dull Totem becomes lit when you injure a Survivor. That Survivor is now hexed. All other Survivors outside of your Terror radius will have a chance to scream, which reveals their auras for 2 seconds. Other Survivors can see the hexed Survivor for 12/10/8 seconds. The hex is removed from the Survivor if they are downed, healed to full health, the hex is lifted, or the totem becomes unlit. Cleansing the Hex totem causes this perk to deactivate permanently.
  • Hubris: A survivor suffers from the Exposed status effect for 10/15/20 seconds after they stun you. This perk has a 20-second cooldown.

Best Perks for the Knight Killer


You can combat Blast Mine’s punishment by using Hex: Ruin, which will stop the progression of the Generator required for the Survivor to activate Blast Mine. You could also run a perk like Lightborn but remember that this only affects Blindness, and you would still need Enduring for the stun.

If you plan on fully utilizing the Knight’s Hex perk, then Hex: Undying may be helpful. Since Hex: Face the Darkness is permanently deactivated once cleansed, this pairing will give it more longevity during the match. Additional totem perks that allow you to know when your totems are being cleansed may help but also take away other valuable perk slots.

The Hillbilly perk, Enduring, would be an excellent perk to run with Hubris as you will be able to recover from the stun duration by 40/45/50% less, which means you have a better chance to smack the Survivor and their newly gained Exposed status effect.

Knight Killer Counters


Nowhere to Hide can be countered by Survivor perks that shield their auras from being shown to you. An example of an aura-hiding perk is Distortion. It can also be countered by perks that punish you for damaging generators, like Blast Mine.

Hex: Face the Darkness perk is susceptible to totem cleansing builds that allow Survivors to find and cleanse totems quickly. Standard totem-cleansing perks are Counterforce, Detective’s Hunch, and Small Game.

Hubris can be countered by survivors who are good at looping. Unfortunately, most Survivors skilled in looping will only drop a pallet when they have no choice or want to transition to another portion of the map during their looping actions.

Known Bugs

Here are some known bugs regarding the Knight and his guards in the PTG. You can have fun with these bugs in the PTG but realize the release will likely fix them.

  • The Knight’s guards sometimes path around a pallet vault or window instead of going through them when hunting.
  • The Knight doesn’t need a line of site to perform his Order action. This can be abused as of now but will be fixed later.
  • The Knight cannot be stunned by lockers or pallets when summoning guards.
  • A Survivor who gets hit by a guard in a locker will suffer from Blindness indefinitely.

How to Play the Knight Killer in the PTB

If you want to practice your Knight Killer builds, you can use the PTB by following the below steps:

  1. Open your Steam Library
  2. Right-click on Dead by Daylight and click Properties
  3. Navigate to Beta
  4. Select Public Tests using the dropdown menu
  5. Restart Steam and Launch Dead by Daylight

It will be interesting to see where the Knight lands on the Dead by Daylight kill rates chart due to his AI guards and great perks.

Dead by Daylight is currently available for PC, PlayStation 5, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, Nintendo Switch, Stadia, iOS, and Android.

- This article was updated on November 1st, 2022

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