How to Raise Security Clearance in Dead Space Remake

Get access to better loot.

by Christian Bognar
Dead Space Remake How to Raise Security Clearance

Are you looking to raise your security clearance in the Dead Space Remake? Raising clearance is extremely important as it grants you access to different rooms, leading to a bunch of loot, including ammo, schematics for the best weapons, nodes for upgrading, or even text logs further explaining the lore of Dead Space. Coming across a door with a level 2 clearance can be frustrating if you are still stuck on level 1, especially when you know that room will possess essential items for your survival. Here is how you can raise your clearance level in Dead Space 2023.

How Can Players Raise Security Clearance in Dead Space Remake?

If you find yourself wondering if you should progress past a higher-level clearance door, the answer is that you should ignore the door and keep following the story. The reason is that the only way you can raise clearance in Dead Space is to progress further into the story, considering your support characters such as Hammond or Daniels will raise it for you at key parts. This can be frustrating to hear, but the good news is that this adds more of a reason to go backtracking and explore more when you finally get that clearance to a higher level.

Now, if you come across a door that says “Master Clearance,” you’ll need to complete a side quest to get access. This side quest is called “You Are Not Authorized,” where you will have to collect seven rigs and then combine these rigs to gain master override clearance level, allowing you to go into even more rooms and lockers.

It is essential to point out that players’ clearance levels will not carry over into New Game Plus, meaning that you will have to raise them again through the story.

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The Dead Space remake is out now for PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S, and PC.

- This article was updated on January 29th, 2023