How To Redeem Codes In Splitgate?

Rewards, Upon Rewards...

by Ben Stroud

In 2021, having previously flew under the radar, Splitgate, an arena shooter, burst onto the gaming scene. Recently announcing that 1047 Game’s first person shooter has hit a player count of ten million whilst still in open beta. Originally intended to release in May of 2019, Splitgate consists of Halo-like gunplay and surroundings, mixed with Valve’s Portal movement system. The current release date is unknown as of this moment. Below, is a guide to detail how to redeem in-game codes to access rewards for you, and other players in the world of Splitgate.

Code Reward and Redemption

First of all, lets discuss reward. Not only does the code redeemer receive in-game bonuses, the person who also created and shared the code receives profit too. Including fifty Splitcoins each. As for Skins, Perks and Customisation items, these are earnt solely by the code creator themselves.  Lots of interesting items are up for grabs, simply by making your own codes for friends and other gamers to use, these items are guaranteed to make you stand out.


The rewards earnt for players using your codes are as follows:

  • Wildfire – Epic SMG Skin
  • Racer – Epic Pistol Skin
  • Ritual – Legendary Plasma Rifle Skin
  • Recruiter – Epic Name Tag
  • Epic Banner

In regard to redeeming Splitgate codes, on the main menu look for the referral tab known as the Reward Center, towards the upper left of the screen. Clicking on the “Who Referred You” tab, gives you the opportunity to enter someone else’s referral code. As far as it goes for difficulty, this is one of the easiest things to do as soon as the game boots up. Currently, it hasn’t been confirmed if these earnt items carry over to Splitgate’s full release or if they are beta exclusive.

Ultimately, by the time the game fully releases, a lot more codes will most likely be up for grabs, with a higher number of rewards available.

Splitgate’s Beta is currently free to play on Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, Playstation 4 & 5 and PC.