How to Speedrun Sons of the Forest

Speedrunning has never been simpler in Sons of the Forest!

by Gordon Bicker
Image: Attack of the Fanboy

Sons of the Forest players will be very familiar with speedrunners in the community who are rushing through the game in under ten minutes. There are many who want to follow in their well-trodden footsteps and that is of no surprise — who wouldn’t want to add this accomplishment to their CV? This article will take you through everything you need to know about how to speedrun Sons of the Forest.

Best Way to Speedrun Sons of the Forest

In order to speedrun Sons of the Forest you will want to try and get the snow mountain starting location. This can be done by booting up a new game and hoping that you get spawned at the snowy mountain instead of anywhere else. There are some benefits to starting on the beach such as getting a gun early on but you won’t need it for the speedrun.

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Speedrun Sons of the Forest From the Snow Mountain

From the snow mountain, sprint up the side of the cliff face to reach the top — move in a left or right direction while doing so. When you are at the top, jump a little off the edge and kill your character. After respawning get your tactical axe from the yellow bag on the ground. At this point, you want to make sure you have a stick with you; this can be used to clip through the main end zone door.

The most important part of the main speedrun tactic is to have your Survival Guide open when rushing down mountains and paths to reach the end facility. Whenever your Survival Guide is equipped you will be able to slide down the terrain without taking any damage. This will let you slide your way down steep side terrain faces quickly with little issue.

Best Content Creators to Watch for Speedrun Routes and Tactics

After successfully using the survival guide to reach the ending area; it is now where things get trickier. The use of a video can be extremely beneficial for the specific pathway so you may also want to refer to various speedrunner content creators. Spicee on YouTube is an excellent source and the same goes for The Spiffing Brit.

Because of the way Sons of the Forest’s map is shown on GPS, it can be tricky to identify the exact routes based on text alone. These videos will help you navigate the world to an even quicker degree. The main piece of information to remember is about the Survival Guide stopping your fall damage — you may even work out other routes yourself.

Use These Items in Sons of the Forest for Your Speedrun

The main items that are worthwhile having with you are listed below. You could also decide to gather some larger logs near the facility to perform another method of clipping through the door. In order to do this stand directly next to the door with your character facing outward to the forest. From here place the log directly down on the ground where you’re standing — you will get the chance to clip through.

  • Stick
  • Tactical Axe
  • GPS
  • Logs (If you are doing the Log method)
  • Survival Guide

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You are now more prepared than ever because you know some of the best items to take with you. There aren’t too many actual items you need as it is more about navigating the actual route itself. It is unknown how long these strategies will be viable as the developers could fix the Survival Guide glitch in the future.

- This article was updated on March 9th, 2023