How to Start The Last Dose Missions in GTA Online – Full Missions List

Are you ready to start these missions in GTA Online?

by Gordon Bicker
Image: Rockstar Games

GTA Online has a variety of missions for you to complete and whenever updates arrive for the game, many wonder if there are new online missions. The Last Dose update did indeed bring new missions with it and players are no doubt very curious. This article will take you through everything you need to know about how to start The Last Dose Missions in GTA Online and how many of them there are.

Starting The Last Dose Missions in GTA Online

In order to start The Last Dose missions you will have to answer a call from Dax. This phone call will happen shortly after you are in the game. If you haven’t played through any of the Drug Wars missions before, you may want to make your way through those first.

When you have received the call, proceed to the large yellow “D” symbol on the map. Once there you will now start up The Last Dose missions. If for any reason you didn’t receive a call when you spawned into the game, it will be worth logging out and logging back in again.

The starting location for The Last Dose Missions is near central Los Santos close to The Diamond Casino.

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Every Last Dose Mission for GTA Online

There are five new missions included in total for The Last Dose update. The list below lists all of these for you to read through. When you have completed each of those missions; you will know that you have finished The Last Dose’s main story content.

  • Checking In
  • BDKD
  • Unusual Suspects
  • This is An Intervention
  • FriedMind

Now that you know every mission on the list you can start getting to work on completing them. While you are doing so you may even benefit from looking for Movie Props on the side. This will get you some extra cash in the game.

- This article was updated on March 16th, 2023