How to Unlock All Trophies/Achievements in Wanted: Dead

Time to acquire all of the precious trophies!

by Gordon Bicker

Wanted: Dead players will be busy experiencing the game and learning how to switch the firing mode of their weapon, however, some may be wondering how many trophies there are and how to unlock them. Thankfully, this article will have all of the answers you will need as we take you through the requirements of how to unlock every trophy and achievement in Wanted: Dead.

Unlocking Every Trophy/Achievement in Wanted: Dead

There are 54 achievements in total to earn from the experience but 55 if you are playing on PlayStation as the platinum trophy accounts for one of the trophies. The following list showcases every achievement you will be able to earn in the game.

Trophy/Achievement NameHow to Earn
Wanted: Dead Platinum Trophy (If playing on PlayStation)Collect all other 54 trophies from the game.
Quickdraw GunnerYou will have to hit three targets in Bullet Time for this achievement.
What a MessSimply defeat 10 enemies with any chainsaw you find in the stages.
HooliganKeep kicking the crane game and you will break and reset it, this is when you will get the achievement.
Unexpected ForecastActivate sprinklers for the first time and this can be done easily by throwing a grenade in a hallway with sprinklers.
BeginnerComplete the first training level.
IntermediateComplete the second training level.
AdvancedComplete the third training level.
ProfessionalComplete the fourth training level.
GamerComplete the Space Runaway minigame on normal mode.
QuickshotGet a score of 10,000 in the Shooting Range Time Attack mode. These 10,000-point shooting range achievements shouldn’t be too much hassle to get by playing normally.
DeadeyeGet a score of 10,000 in the Shooting Range Score Attack Mode.
Sore LoserGet a score of 13,000 in the Shooting Range. There is an easy method for this achievement.
On FireMax out the adrenaline gauge when you are playing Karaoke.
I Got RoomSimply make sure to eat more than five bowls of Ramen in a row.
Skillful BladeParry ten enemies.
Skillful DrawPerform ten handgun counters. This can be done when there is a red glow around an enemy’s attack.
Collector’s StartObtain one collectible (i.e. a purple document)
Just a HobbyCollect ten collectibles.
Mood ChangeChange the Jukebox music for the first time. This can be performed in the headquarters that you return to. There is a Jukebox in the lounge next to the kitchen.
So Much to LearnUnlock a skill.
Got it MemorizedUnlock ten skills in the game.
Your Gat ain’t CheapEliminate ten enemies with only your pistol.
Slide byDefeat ten enemies while you are sliding and firing.
New BladeDefeat ten enemies with your blades/melee.
Test ShotDefeat ten enemies with only firearms.
True ShotDefeat 100 enemies with only firearms.
Bloodied BladeDefeat 100 enemies with your blades/melee.
SlicedCut off an enemy’s limb.
Sliced & DicedCut off 100 enemy limbs.
Uncle OwenEliminate three enemies with an Incendiary Grenade.
With One StoneDefeat two enemies with a Frag Grenade.
Get Some HeadWatch a finishing strike for the first time.
A Satisfying SoundDefeat an enemy with the headshot.
DismissedWatch twenty different Finishing Strikes.
Kowloon ParkComplete the Park stage.
The Last StandComplete the Police HQ stage.
WantedComplete the Kowloon Streets stage.
Smuggler’s HideoutComplete the Club Deaf Panther.
Quarter EaterComplete the Space Runaway minigame on Hard mode.
Teach Me How To BlitzClear the tutorial of the game.
Dauer SyntheticsComplete the Dauer HQ Stage.
No NeedlesComplete any stage without healing with Stimpacks.
OtakuObtain every figure from the crane minigame.
Art of the DrawPerform 100 parries throughout the game.
Art of the BladePerform 100 handgun counters throughout the game.
Ramen World LegendGet a full combo in any of the Ramen songs.
Gun MasterDefeat 1000 enemies using only firearms.
True CollectorObtain every collectible in the game.
Movie BuffObtain every memory movie in the game.
No More to LearnUnlock every skill in the skill tree.
ChanbaraDefeat 1000 enemies using only melee attacks.
Severance PaysWatch every finishing strike.
Emma LauthnerFinish the game on all difficulties.
HeadhunterDefeat ten enemies with a headshot.

As can be observed, there are certainly a lot of achievements to work through but plenty of excellent times to be had while collecting them. Whether that’s playing through the crane game or simply enjoying slashing your enemies with the piercing of your blade.

Wanted: Dead is available now for PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One, and PC.