How to Unlock Ameliance Custom Deliveries in Final Fantasy XIV Endwalker

Time to wear the 2B leggings, Mrs. Leveilleur.

by Diego Perez


Ameliance Custom Deliveries have been added to Final Fantasy XIV with the launch of Patch 6.15, and players can learn more about House Leveilleur by crafting and gathering the required items. Custom Deliveries are nothing new in Final Fantasy XIV, with previous expansions tasking players with procuring goods for characters like Zhloe Aliapoh, M’Naago, or Kai-Shirr. FFXIV players are very excited about this particular Custom Delivery quest chain, however, since it deals with an NPC very closely related to two very important Scions.  While the prospect of playing dress-up with Alphinaud and Alisaie’s mom is enticing enough, Ameliance’s Custom Delivery quests also have a few unique rewards for completing them.

How to Start Ameliance Custom Deliveries in Final Fantasy XIV

To unlock Ameliance Custom Deliveries in Final Fantasy XIV Endwalker, you must complete the level 80 quest titled “Of Mothers and Merchants” in Old Sharlayan near The Agora. Before you can accept this quest, you must have completed the Endwalker main scenario and the “Go West, Craftsman” quest in Mor Dhona.


FFXIV Ameliance Custom Delivery Prerequisites

In order to complete “Go West, Craftsman,” you must first complete the “Inscrutable Tastes” quest located in the Foundation of Ishgard. If you’ve already done Custom Deliveries for other NPCs, then you already have these quests finished. Both of these quests require you to have a Disciple of the Hand or Land at the appropriate level, but that shouldn’t be an issue if you’re trying to unlock Ameliance’s Custom Deliveries since they’re set at level 80. With the prerequisites out of the way, you can head to Old Sharlayan and begin the Endwalker Custom Delivery questline.


Ameliance Custom Delivery Crafts and Gathering Nodes

All of Ameliance’s required items for her Custom Deliveries are set at level 80. You’ll earn a mixture of XP and Scrips depending on the level of your current class when you complete one. You have a total of 12 Custom Delivery allowances per week, but only 6 of them can be used on Ameliance.

If you’re planning on crafting materials for Ameliance, then you can purchase everything you need from Synnove (X: 12.7, Y: 10.2) in Old Sharlayan. Gatherers can check their Gathering Logs to find out where to collect Ameliance’s requested materials. If you’re doing Custom Deliveries with Fisher, then you won’t be able to see where to find her desired fish unless you’ve caught them yourself, which can make the process much more difficult.

As you bring more and more requested materials to Ameliance, her satisfaction level will increase based on the collectibility rating of your submissions. You will unlock new quests and lore as you reach certain satisfaction milestones, and fully maxing her out will unlock the Appointed Attire Coffer.

Final Fantasy XIV is available now on PC, PS4, and PS5.

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