How to Use Face Paint in Horizon Forbidden West

Customize Aloy with face paint from various tribes.

by Diego Perez


In Horizon Forbidden West, players can use face paint to customize Aloy with patterns from the various tribes in the game. This sequel’s customization options far exceed those available in the first game, allowing players to change Aloy’s appearance in multiple ways. There are plenty of powerful armor sets with unique perks that can be dyed various colors, and face paints allow an additional layer of personalization for Horizon Forbidden West players. Just like the dye system, however, figuring out how to use face paints can be a bit confusing. Here’s how to unlock and apply face paint in Horizon Forbidden West.

How to Use Face Paint in Horizon Forbidden West

You have to visit a Painter in order to apply face paint in Horizon Forbidden West. These are special vendors that can be found in most major settlements, typically next to the Dyer and Stitcher. All face paints cost 10 Metal Shards to equip and 1 Metal Shard to remove. Unfortunately, Painters can not be found in early game areas like The Daunt, so players will have to wait until they reach settlements further in the Forbidden West like Plainsong in order to use their unlocked face paint patterns.

How to Unlock Additional Face Paint Patterns

Face paint patterns are quest rewards in Horizon Forbidden West, so you can acquire more of them by completing side quests and progressing further in the main story. If a quest rewards a new face paint pattern upon completion, it will be shown alongside the other rewards like Metal Shards and new gear. Some Errands also give face paints, such as The Enduring quest that involves participating in Melee Pits throughout the Forbidden West.

All Face Paints in Horizon Forbidden West

There are 34 total face paints patterns in Horizon Forbidden West. Each of them is related to a certain tribe, and you can see them all below.

  • Nora Face Paint
    • Nora Warrior
    • Nora Scout
    • Nora Seeker
    • Nora Death-Seeker
  • Tenakth Face Paint
    • Tenakth Reaver
    • Tenakth Recon
    • Tenakth Vindicator
    • Tenkath Vanquisher
    • Tenakth Skirmisher
    • Tenakth Conqueror
    • Tenakth Tactician
    • Tenakth Sky Climber
  • Oseram Face Paint
    • Oseram Artificer
    • Oseram Striker
    • Oseram Wayfarer
    • Oseram Explorer
  • Carja Face Paint
    • Carja Watcher
    • Carja Champion
    • Carja Noble
    • Carja Hawk
    • Carja Blazon
    • Carja Trader
    • Carja Shadow
    • Carja Scholar
  • Utaru Face Paint
    • Utaru Whisperer
    • Utara Protector
    • Utaru Birthsinger
    • Utara Harvester
    • Utara Thresher
    • Utara Ritesinger
  • Banuk Face Paint
    • Banuk Aspirant
    • Banuk Shaman
    • Banuk Survivor
  • God of War Easter Egg Face Paint
    • Mark of War

As stated above, you can unlock all of the face paints in Horizon Forbidden West by completing main story quests and side quests scattered throughout the world. The Mark of War face paint is unlocked by finding all the Totems of War as a part of the game’s God of War easter egg, allowing Aloy to wear Kratos’ iconic red stripe as a face paint pattern.

Horizon Forbidden West is available now on PS4 and PS5.

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