How to Visit Landmarks in Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 2

The location of every Landmark in Fortnite Chapter Four, Season Two

by Thomas Cunliffe
Star Wars Fortnite Clone Troopers
Image: Epic Games

Players need to visit three Landmarks in different matches to complete one of the ‘Fall of the Republic’ Star Wars quests in Fortnite. This guide provides detailed instructions on identifying and locating Landmarks, which will help you earn Galactic Reputation and a bantha-load of Star Wars cosmetics.

What are Landmarks in Fortnite? — All Landmark Locations

Image: / Epic Games

Landmarks are notable areas on the Fortnite Island that aren’t quite big enough to be labeled as a POI (point of interest). These aren’t marked on the Map or even the Minimap, making their exact locations a little tricky to pin down. Courtesy of, you can find the site of every Landmark in Fortnite Chapter Four, Season Two above.

How to Visit Landmarks in Different Matches

As the name suggests, you need to visit a landmark in three separate matches to complete the ‘Visit Landmarks in different matches‘ Star Wars quest. Since these are everywhere on the Island, you should have no problem completing this Quest without even thinking about it.

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Image: / Epic Games

I found that landing on a Landmark near a Clone Trooper Checkpoint saved me time when completing other Star Wars Quests. That way, you can quickly run up and grab a Blaster from the beginning of the match, which you’ll need to complete many different tasks.

The best Landmarks to land at include Secluded Spire to the South-West of Slappy Shores, Meadow Mansion West of Frenzy Fields, and The Autumnwood in the forest area North-East of Shattered Slabs.

These are the closest Landmarks to Clone Trooper Checkpoints. By landing on them, you’ll also be able to quickly loot the area to defend yourself when running into a Checkpoint, which are often full of players at the beginning of a match.

Don’t forget to take out a couple of Clone Troopers while you’re there, and keep a close eye on the Map to find your very own Lightsaber. We know Order 66 has begun, but keep away from any Younglings, yeah?

- This article was updated on May 12th, 2023

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