Is Forspoken Open World? Answered

Athia is big.

by Noah Nelson

Forspoken is just a few days away but there may still be some lingering questions for those on the fence about pre-ordering the game. If you love games that have a big world to explore, then you’re in luck with Forspoken. (Spoiler: it is open world.)

Is Forspoken Open World?

Yes, Forspoken is open world. And, unlike other RPGs, Forspoken sets itself apart by being an action/adventure RPG that has free-roam exploration and a lot of it. If you want to experience Athia’s open world early, check out the available demo.

Athia, which is the name of the magical land that Frey is teleported to fairly early into the game, is big and diverse. With Frey’s magical parkour, you’ll be able to bound through meadows, scale mountainsides, and much more. Exploring the open world is fun to do in Forspoken.

However, since key developers from Final Fantasy XV (you know, the one that features a boy’s adventure and the car) worked on Forspoken, you can probably guess how the open world will feel in Forspoken. For reference, there were many complaints that Final Fantasy XV had an empty world with not much to do. But, hey, maybe the FFXV developers learned their lesson and are improving with Forspoken.

There are four major sections of Athia to explore. Each area has a different tone and vibe when it comes to the scenery and enemies. One features a more arid, desert-like environment, one features plains, one is denser with trees, and one features budding flowers, rivers, and lakes. With the PC requirements that are needed to make this game really shine, we assume these environments will be visually stunning and a joy to explore.

Whether you jump right into exploring the open world or take the time to savor every character interaction, Forspoken’s open world is wide and waiting.

Forspoken will release on PlayStation 5 and PC on January 24, 2023.