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Is Monster Hunter Rise Coming to Xbox One

Recent PC leaks have left some fans hopeful.

by Brandon Adams


Monster Hunter Rise is the next game coming out in Capcom’s famous franchise, but it seems newly minted Xbox One hunters will have to sit this one out. Announced as a Nintendo Switch exclusive when it was revealed last year, Monster Hunter Rise has since been leaked for the PC. So, have there been any leaks hinting at Monster Hunter Rise coming to Xbox One?

Monster Hunter Rise is unlikely to launch on Xbox One, and will remain a Switch console exclusive.

Monster Hunter Rise is very likely coming to PC, but all those leaks pointing this out haven’t included any information concerning an Xbox One port. From what we’ve seen thus far Capcom intends on keeping Rise a Nintendo Switch console exclusive, meaning Xbox fans will have to jump over to PC next year if they plan to play this entry in the series.

It makes sense for Capcom to keep Rise a Switch exclusive. Monster Hunter World was a massive success for the company (it’s their highest selling game ever), and they probably don’t want to follow it up with a port of a game clearly designed around the Nintendo Switch’s hardware limitations. I’m willing to bet Capcom is developing World 2 alongside Monster Hunter Rise, and they plan to launch this direct sequel to World on the Series X|S. Think about it: they’ve had years to port World over to the Switch, yet it stands to reason Capcom quickly realized they were better off developing a dedicated spin-off entry than trying to brute-force that game onto portable hardware.

There’s a good chance Monster Hunter World 2 will use the RE Engine, much like Monster Hunter Rise, so there’s probably a healthy amount of crossover development and code between the two. So, Monster Hunter Rise is probably not coming to the Xbox One, but that’s likely because it’ll get Monster Hunter World 2 in a year or two. Capcom is having their cake and eating it too: they can sell a Monster Hunter game on every available console, and eventually double dip when both entries launch on PC.  Xbox One owners may not get to play Rise, but they’ll certainly have a shiny new entry of their own soon enough.

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