Is Need for Speed Heat Cross Platform?

Race with friends on any platform!

by Elliott Gatica


With Need for Speed Heat being one of the better games of September 2022’s PS Plus lineup, there will undoubtedly be an influx of new players. However, is it possible for Need for Speed Heat to be played cross platform? Here, we can answer just that.

Does Need for Speed Heat Support Cross Platform Play?

In short, yes, this game supports full crossplay between all available platforms! Since the game was free earlier this year because of Prime Day, being on Xbox Game Pass, and now PS Plus for September, you can squad up with 7 other people and dominate the streets of Palm City.

With this feature, you can also be in the same Crews despite the platform. They’re essentially guilds or clans that you can level as one big collective. Up to 32 players can join it and help with the progression of leveling up the said Crew. Doing so can net you up to a total of a 10% boost in money, rep, and heat. That 10% will go a long way when you want to grind for the higher-end vehicles in the game.

NFS Heat also supports voice chat across the systems, so players can communicate with one another internally. Of course, your method of voice comms is optional. If you want to use something different, by all means, go ahead.

Does Need for Speed Support Cross Progression?

While this game does support cross platform, it does not support cross progression. You are tied to the progress you made on your platform of choice. Many players may be a bit turned off by the fact that the game runs at 30 FPS even on PS5 or the Xbox Series consoles, so they might prefer to play it on a PC that can run it well over 60.

In any case, before you grind very far into the game, you may want to consider what platform you want to play this game on.

Need for Speed Heat is currently available for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. The game is also free via Xbox Game Pass.

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