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Is Phasmophobia Coming to Xbox?

Will Phasmophobia come to Xbox?

by Diego Perez


Is Phasmophobia on Xbox? Like Among Us, Phasmophobia has been blowing up recently thanks to a recent surge in Twitch and YouTube viewership, so a ton of players are discovering the game and want to get their hands on it. It’s a co-op horror game with VR support, so YouTube personalities and Twitch streamers have been having a lot of fun with the game. It’s still in early access, but the game has already garnered a large amount of popularity in its current state. The game is only available on PC right now, but will it come to Xbox in the future? Here’s everything we know about Phasmophobia on Xbox.

Is Phasmophobia Coming to Xbox?

There are currently no plans to bring Phasmophobia to Xbox. The game is currently only available on PC, and it’s an early access title so it’s still in active development. The full PC release is slated for 2021.

According to the game’s Steam page, Phasmophobia is planned for release in 2021, although the game could remain in early access longer depending on how early access goes. Much more content is planned for the game, including additional equipment, ghosts, and maps. Because of this, the game’s price is planned to increase when it is fully released like many other early access games. Phasmophobia currently costs $14 on Steam and it’s compatible with every major VR headset on the market. You can play the whole game without VR too.

A console port of Phasmophobia likely won’t happen for a few years, if one is even planned at all. Other early access PC games have eventually made their way to consoles following a full release, but those took quite some time. An early access game on PC typically focuses primarily on PC development until the full release date.

Phasmophobia is available now on PC in early access. The full release is planned for 2021.

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