Is The Division Resurgence Open World?

Are you wondering if The Division Resurgence open world?

by Gordon Bicker


The Division Resurgence has been revealed and today new gameplay of the experience has been showcased. Many fans of the franchise of course were wanting to find out as much as possible about the game. There is going to be a full new story and lots of missions. This is yet another unprecedented large-scale game that is being developed for mobile and it will be a thrill to watch how it unfolds. If you haven’t seen the gameplay trailer yet, you may be wondering if The Division Resurgence is open world. This article will answer that question for you!

The Division Resurgence is Going to be Open World

Yes, The Division Resurgence will indeed be open world and given the fact that it is set in the familiar location of New York City, many fans will be hoping that they get a unique experience while playing on mobile and it also seems likely that they will. From the gameplay trailer, some of the world map was showcased and it looks excellent. Upon the map screen, there was a section for The Dark Zone which is great to know it will be making an appearance for mobile.

Before starting any missions you are free to roam around as with any Division game. There are side activities around the map and you can choose to undertake these activities. For a mobile game, it is wonderful that there appears to be a lot of choice. This game looks to be making sure they utilize all of the new technology available for mobile devices. Furthermore, there is still everything that you love about the franchise available, from new classes to the various kind of gear; there is a lot on offer with this experience.

The Division Resurgence will be available soon for IOS and Android.

- This article was updated on July 13th, 2022

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