Is Tighnari Worth Pulling for in Genshin Impact?

Should You Pull for the Master Forest Watcher of Sumeru?

by Weilong Mao


Tighnari compared to other limited Genshin Impact characters, bears the unique distinction of being the only one confirmed to get added to the standard banner later. This brings up concerns about whether it’s a good idea to pull for Tighnari now or to wager the opportunities of getting him on the standard banner. More fundamental than that is the opportunity cost that comes with rolling for him as opposed to the other characters arriving in later patches of Sumeru. So the question goes. Is it a good idea to try obtaining Tighnari on his limited banner?

Should Players Pull Tighnari On-Banner in Genshin Impact?

Getting Tighnari is something to be seriously considered if players are not interested in rolling for any of the future Dendro characters arriving in Sumeru, characters like Nahida or Alhaitham. Collei is a free Dendro option, but the player should consider getting another Dendro character for the Dendro resonance or having the affordance of running Dendro characters on both halves of the Spiral Abyss where the situation is applicable. That is if the Dendro traveler wouldn’t satisfy their team-building needs.

Getting Tighnari as a Standard Character

This question is impossible to answer from a value standpoint as it’s difficult to quantify the devaluation of investment from spending hard-earned Primogems on someone bound to go into the Standard Banner, but some things require clarification if players are to have realistic expectations about obtaining Tighnari from the Standard Banner or failed 50/50s.

The possibility of obtaining Tighnari from the Standard Banner is not as high as people would presume, due to the long list of five-star items that exist in the pool. Players need to take into account that a hard pity system does not exist on the standard banner, so there’s no guarantee for obtaining him specifically using Acquaint Fates. Every time that a player wins a 5-star, they are running on a 1/16 possibility of acquiring a Tighnari from their pulling sessions.

Likewise, the same low possibility is the case for losing a 50/50 to Tighnari. Players are running on the presumption that they’ll lose the 50/50 on a Limited Banner, while also winning the 1/6 chance of getting Tighnari as opposed to Diluc, Jean, Mona, Keqing, and Qiqi. The percentage of this sequence occurring would be lower than 0.1%, making such events highly unlikely.

Considering Tighnari by His Own Merits

As a character, Tighnari is a good sub-DPS option to consider for players wanting Dendro reactions on their team. His charge shots hit for considerable damage numbers, and on the other hand, the utility passive helps in terms of specialty farming in Sumeru if players aren’t looking to have guides on their screen at all times.

Some would argue that Collei would prove to be the better element enabler, but she provides fewer offensive options and functions solely from a supporting capacity. It’s the same for the Dendro traveler, who uses the elemental burst to give team-wide Elemental Mastery.

Tighnari’s the only attacker that Dendro gets until the devs are to make another character of similar capacity in later patches, there’s no guarantee as to the kits that Nahida or Alhaitham will get when they arrive. This uncertainty needs to be taken into account when players are evaluating the opportunity cost of obtaining Tighnari now as opposed to waiting for future Dendro characters.

The bottom line is players should get Tighnari now if they want him, as the possibilities for getting him when he goes into the Standard Banner will become incredulously low. But to players trying to budget the number of Primogems that they spend each patch, they will have to weigh the ups and downs at the end of the day.

Genshin Impact is available now on PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Android, and iOS.


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