Is Velma Worth Unlocking in MultiVersus?

Should you spend your hard-earned coin on Velma? Find out here!

by Shaun Cichacki


As players are learning more about the characters in MultiVersus and what makes them stand out above the crowd from the rest of the roster, there still seems to be a bit of confusion around Velma, and if she’s the best thing to ever happen to a platform fighting game or the worst character in existence.

Let’s dive into what makes Velma as divisive as she is, and if she is worth the time and effort to learn, or if you should scrap the idea of using her at all in this hit game. Grab your scooby snacks, and let’s get into why Velma is or isn’t worth unlocking in MultiVersus!

Velma Dinkley in MultiVersus – Is She Great, or Trash?

Velma is normally the quiet one of the group, always losing her glasses and using her brains, rather than her brawn in the much-beloved cartoon series. However, in MultiVersus, she has her chance to shine in the sun, showcasing an enormous moveset that is one of the most versatile in the game, and in the right hands, can be absolutely killer.

Alongside her moves, we have also included the description of each attack, directly from the game. This is for those that haven’t had a chance to try her out, so you know exactly what you’re getting yourself into, and so you can study up on some of the more technical terms if you are unfamiliar.

Let’s dig into her moveset, and see what attacks she happens to have in store for her Normal Attacks, and why these can help you work your way towards a creative and well-thought-out victory.

Velma Dinkley Normal Attack List

Attack Name Ground Air

Velma shouts a word bubble PROJECTILE that seeks out her ally. If the bubble hits any fighter, ally or enemy, they become TARGETED and additional bubbles will lock onto their location. Allys who become TARGETED will also briefly gain HASTENED. If a bubble hits an ally who is already TARGETED, it will fire an additional bubble in the direction they are facing and slightly HEAL Velma. Velma can create word bubbles until she runs out of AMMO


Same As Ground.

Side Attack QUIP MASTER:

A COMBO of quips.


Velma CHARGES a flashlight flash. Has a chance to spawn EVIDENCE on hit.


Velma CHARGES an idea light bulb. Has a chance to spawn EVIDENCE on hit.


Similar to ground, without CHARGE.


Velma CHARGES a calculation PROJECTILE that hits enemies forward and spawns EVIDENCE.


Velma briefly drops her glasses, knocking enemies downward.

However, the Special Attacks are where she truly begins to shine, as she has a creative list of nostalgic attacks that utilize her skills and brains to deliver the pain to your opponents.

Velma Dinkley Special Attacks List

Special Attack Name Ground Air
Neutral Special Attack MOTIVATIONAL SPEAKER:

Velma delivers a motivational speech beam PROJECTILE that repeatedly hits enemies and HEALS overlapping allies. The final hit of the beam applies TARGETED. If the final hit lands on an ally, they will fire an additional beam. If the final hit lands on an enemy, they receive a STACK of WEAKENED. Velma can aim the beam up or down. Has a chance to spawn EVIDENCE on hit.


Same as ground.

Side Special Attack FAST THINKER:

Velma CHARGES a sprint forward. CHARGING increases the speed of the sprint. Allies can hop into Velma’s arms for the sprint, increasing the attack’s power and giving Velma and her allies ARMOR and GRAY HEALTH. Enemies will be GRABBED and thrown upwards at the end of the sprint.


Velma opens up a textbook that knocks enemies backward and propels her forward.


Velma spills toxic goop on the ground and jumps upward. Enemies standing in the goop will receive continuous STACKS of ICE before eventually FREEZING.


Velma snaps a picture downward with a camera that sends her and her enemies upwards, BREAKING ARMOR. Applies WEAKENED on hit, causing victims to receive more DAMAGE and KNOCKBACK. Has a chance to spawn EVIDENCE on hit.


Velma throws a book PROJECTILE that homes onto her ally. Velma and her ally receive an EDUCATED if the book hits them, refreshing and reducing the duration of their COOLDOWNS. COOLDOWN applies.


Same as ground.

As with all other characters, Velma also happens to have an excellent Passive Ability, which could be one of the best in the game if utilized properly:

Velma Dinkley Passive Attack

Passive Ability Name Passive Ability Description
Snoopin’ During the match, EVIDENCE will appear, and some of Velma’s moves will spawn EVIDENCE. Velma and her ally can pick up EVIDENCE to fill up her EVIDENCE METER. When the meter is full, Velma can call a POLICE CAR. The POLICE CAR will drive to and pick up the nearest enemy, DISABLE them, and attempt to drive off the map. Enemies must STRUGGLE to escape the POLICE CAR. The other enemy teammate can attack the car to try and release their teammate.

What Makes Velma Good In MultiVersus?

If you’re looking to play as a character that has insane potential, picking up Velma is a great option. You’ll be able to cause tremendous amounts of damage to your foes, allowing you time to think before you plot out your next big combo or move. You’ll also find that she works great in a 2v2 matchup, because of the buffs that you’ll be able to hand out to your friends while dropping the hammer down on your foes.

However, if you’re planning on taking her into a 1v1 match, utilizing her skills, as well as her Passive Ability can help bring Velma into a top-tier ranking for you. As long as you’re fighting from a distance, you should have very little issue when it comes to taking out the majority of your foes, especially those that need to fight at a close range, as her attacks have plenty of range. You won’t need to worry about seeing the Defeat screen if you master Velma, as you’ll become a delightful orange wrecking ball quickly if you put the time in to learn her quirks.

What Isn’t So Great About Velma in MultiVersus?

If you’re a player that likes to get right into your opponent’s face when you’re playing the game, then Velma may not be your best choice. She is much more suited to be a longer-range fighter, so if you find yourself in a tussle and you’re under pressure, you may falter a bit with her skills. With some of her attacks taking a bit longer than others, you could find yourself in a sticky situation if a higher-ranking player can close in on you quickly.

The only other thing to worry about is her weight. Thankfully, after the most recent patch, she has been taken down from being one of the heaviest characters in the game to a much more reasonable weight class. This means, that if you get caught in the right string of attacks, you may find yourself falling to the bottom of the screen much more quickly than some of the other characters that you can play as.

However, at the end of the day, Velma is easily recommended to unlock, as she can be extremely devastating in a 1v1 match in the right hands, and offers some amazing support in a 2v2 match. Make sure that you’re lining her up with her best perks, so you can continue racking up victories.

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MultiVersus is available now on PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PC.

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