Mario Strikers Battle League Character Stats Explained: What Does Each Stat Do?

Breaking down character stats and who excels with each.

by Elliott Gatica


Mario Strikers Battle League introduces a system that will definitely start to form a meta as time passes. Characters all have stats in the game, meaning that there are strengths and weaknesses to every character. Here, we’ll break down what character stats are and how they are incorporated into the balancing of Mario Strikers Battle League.

Character Stats Explained in Mario Strikers Battle League

There are a total of five different stats— or attributes— in the game.

Strength – tackle power and knockdown resistance

The Strength attribute is good for a good offense and defense. Since this determines your tackle power, you have an easier time knocking down opponents who are potentially trying to score a goal. A higher Strength stat also means that while you are dribbling and kicking, a character would need to charge their tackle button or have a high tackle stat to prevent any further movement. Of course, with more Strength, you’re sacrificing speed.

Speed – running speed

Speed is particularly good if you’re trying to chase down an opponent aiming for your goal. You can easily intercept them and in some cases, tackle them to prevent any further advancement. It’s also a good method for juking players, finding an opening when all your other teammates are being guarded and dodging. You cover more ground at a faster rate, making it harder to get stopped.

  • The best Speed-based characters are Peach and Toad, followed by Waluigi.


Shooting – shot power and speed

This stat is good for when you’re trying to score a goal. The higher the Shooting attribute, the harder it’ll be for your opponents to block the ball. It also increases the likelihood of stunning the goalie so you can follow up with a second kick if he blocked the first.

  • The best Shooting-based characters are Rosalina, Bowser, and Yoshi, followed by Wario, then Donkey Kong.

Passing – pass speed and free pass range

Passing is perhaps the best stat to counter slower characters with high Strength and Shooting attributes. This stat is just like the Shooting stat, but it’s between your teammates. It’s a good way to distract the enemy team as you slowly bring the ball into their side of the field and potentially score a goal.

  • The best Passing-based characters are Yoshi and Donkey Kong, followed by Toad.

Technique – character shot accuracy, curve, dribble potential, and Hyper Strike timing window


Technique is one of the more crammed stats that heavily relies on basic fundamentals and item play. On one hand, you always want the ball to go exactly where you aim it, so this helps. It’s also good for hitting curve shots to trick your opponents and make sneaky goals! You’re also less likely to fumble the ball as you’re running across the field when not passing it to your teammates. On the other hand, this stat loses out some potential if you’re playing modes without Hyper Strike.

  • The best Technique-based characters are Luigi and Mario, followed by Peach.

The best character picks are based on their base stats. Equipped gear is not taken into the equation just so you can get a feel of what to fully specialize in for a diverse team. Specialized roles are a lot more effective than lots of all-rounders, especially in competitive play.

Mario Strikers Battle League is out now exclusively for the Nintendo Switch.

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