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Minecraft – How to Make a Paper

This easy paper recipe can be used right away.

by William Schwartz


How to make paper in Minecraft is one of the most important recipes to know because it allows you to build all types of other things.  Paper can be crafted just as soon as you have a crafting table as the core components are readily available at the start of almost any game.  In this guide, we’ll explain how to make paper in Minecraft and what it can be used for.

What you’ll need to make paper in Minecraft

  • Crafting Table
  • Sugar Cane (3)

You’ll need some pretty simple ingredients to craft paper in Minecraft.  You’ll need Sugar Cane, which can be found growing near areas with water.  These look like long green sticks growing out of the ground.  Next, you’ll simply need to arrange these sugar canes on your crafting table like in the image below:


Once you’ve made the paper you can then transfer it to your inventory.  Paper can be made pretty early on in the game simply by collecting wood for the crafting table and sugar cane for the actual paper itself.

Now that you have paper there are plenty of things to do with it.  You can make a number of items with paper.  Paper in Minecraft can make a map, books, a cartography table and much more.

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