Minecraft Pitcher Plant – Where to find, How to Use, and Everything We Know

Here's everything we know regarding the Pitcher Plant.

by Christian Bognar
Image: Mojang / Attack of the Fanboy

The Minecraft Pitcher Plant is a unique new item introduced with the Sniffer. The Sniffer is an ancient animal that digs old seeds out of the ground. This creature and Pitcher Plants go hand and hand, but what exactly is a Pitcher Plant, and how can one acquire it? This guide will provide you with everything we know regarding this mysterious new plant and how to get your hands on one—or a bunch.

How to Get The Pitcher Plant in Minecraft

To acquire a Pitcher Plant, you must first find a Sniffer out in the world. A Sniffer can be found inside the new block of Sand added to Minecraft, usually found by diving into the Warm Ocean Biomes. Using a brush on this new Sand to reveal a Sniffer egg, then go ahead and hatch said egg.

These Sniffers can sniff up a Pitcher Pod item, which you can then use to plant in a Farmland Block, soon leading it to grow into a Pitcher Crop item. This process has five stages of growth but can be expedited by using Bonemeal.

Once the growing process is complete, you can harvest the Pitcher Crop item, which will result in obtaining two-block-tail Pitcher Crops. If you want more than just two, you can repeat the above process to crop as many plants as you wish.

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What Does a Pitcher Plant do?

Players can right-click on a pitcher plant with a fluid container to successfully fill the container with water. The Pitcher Plant can be safely broken without using any tool and replanted.

At the time of writing, that is the only known purpose of the Pitcher Plant. We will likely know more information once Minecraft 1.20 release date officially comes. There is no official release date for 1.20, but if we follow previous patterns, it will likely be released by June 2023 or sometime in the summer. Find out more about 1.20 on the official Minecraft page.

- This article was updated on March 23rd, 2023

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