Modern Warfare 2: ‘Failed Fetching Crossplay Friends List’ Fix

Has CLARK - MONTEREY been ruining your experience?

by Elliott Gatica
Image: Infinity Ward

Crossplay is here to stay. So, whether you’re for or against it, many will opt for it as it’ll create fewer boundaries among friend groups. However, that comes with some hiccups along the way. Players in Modern Warfare 2 are experiencing a “failed fetching crossplay friends list” error in the game. We can explain what’s going on and how to fix it.

How to Fix the ‘Failed Fetching Crossplay Friends List’ Error in Modern Warfare 2 and Warzone 2

The error you may be experiencing right now is the CLARK – MONTEREY issue. Unfortunately, there isn’t an outright fix to it, but there are some temporary workarounds until this is ultimately fixed across all platforms.

Restart Your Game

The tried-and-true method of turning your game off and on again is always the first thing you should try. With the number of social feature issues this game has had since its launch, a restart usually tends to fix this problem.

You could also try backing out all the way to the title screen and see if your friend list works correctly. Oftentimes, after some matches, all players might appear offline even though they aren’t. Try this or the restart method.

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Disable Anti-Lag Software on PC

Some users have stated that turning this off in the meantime will fix the error. If that’s the case, hold off on using these until a hotfix is deployed or when servers completely stabilize

Chances are if you’re not the only one getting the issue popping up on the top right of your screen, it might be a hiccup in Activision’s servers. Things might be clashing with your software. On top of disabling anti-lag, give your game a restart to see if the error clears up.

Disable Crossplay and Re-Enable it

Another form of turning it off and on again is to go into your settings and turn off crossplay. It might not work right away, but what you can do is disable crossplay, close your app, and open it again. This might be the most reliable workaround until whatever problem is going on is fixed on Activision’s side.

- This article was updated on February 27th, 2023