MW3 Zombies Elite & Special Spawn Locations: Disciples, Manglers, & Mimics

Don't trust every chest you find in the game.

by J.R. Waugh
MW3 Zombies Elite Special Spawn Locations Disciples Manglers Mimics
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Some zombies stand out among the rest in the Urzikstan exclusion zone. But if players don’t want to leave these encounters down to random chance and actively seek out, we’ve got you covered. Here’s our guide on MW3 Zombies elite & special spawn locations for Disciples, Manglers, and Mimics!

MW3 Zombies Elite Spawn Locations for Disciples, Manglers & Mimics

All 3 types of elite enemies in MW3 Zombies can be found in Threat Zone 2 (orange zone) randomly, but there are some tricks to finding specific ones more easily.

Image: Attack of the Fanboy

Disciples are commonly found around the Threat Zone 2 area in more open areas, i.e. empty plots of land or roaming around larger buildings. Additionally, you can find a guaranteed spawn location for one on the northeast portion of the map where you activate the pawn chessboard easter egg’s cellphone. Outside this small building on the northeast, there’ll now be a Disciple and plenty of zombies to mow down.

With Disciples, their vulnerable point is extremely tiny and you have to break the armor on their head to reach it, so consider thinning the zombie herds surrounding it.

Manglers are commonly found roaming indoors and outdoors in Threat Zone 2 but are commonly encountered, even in pairs, while playing ‘Raid Weapon Stash‘ contracts. Mimics can be found inside or atop the roofs of Infested Strongholds in Threat Zone 2. Sometimes you can find varying quantities of all 3 in the ‘Escort‘ contracts too.

With Manglers, stay clear of narrow hallways as its ranged attack will easily hit you and strip your shields. Mimics like to punish you for running away with powerful ranged attacks including a grab that’ll damage and launch you back out again. The good news is that Mimics are the easiest of the three to kill quickly as they have no armor. However, you’ll occasionally find them disguised as Aether Caches in MWZ.

MWZ Special Zombies & Bounty Contract Spawn Locations

While we’ve gone over the specifics of Disciples and how they can be found commonly as Threat Zone 2 contracts, you’ll be pleased to know that Manglers and Mimics are equally common in Threat Zone 1 as a contract bounty. Each of these elite zombies has a special contract variant that’s tougher to put down in MW3 Zombies, but nothing a Pack-a-Punch weapon can’t handle.

- This article was updated on November 20th, 2023

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