NBA 2K23 Face Scan Guide: How to Scan and Import Your Face for MyPlayer and MyCareer

No more messing with sliders and shaders!

by Noah Nelson


Like previous NBA 2K games, NBA 2K23 has the option for you to scan your face into the game and apply it to your MyPlayer. Though it may sound creepy at first, it is a really cool feature that allows you to put yourself directly on the court with NBA superstars. Here is how to face scan in NBA 2K23.

How to Face Scan in NBA 2K23

In order to scan your face into NBA 2K23 to use on your MyPlayer, all you need to do is download the NBA 2K23 app available on any mobile app store.

Once downloaded, open the app and select the Face Scan option. First, you will need to link the app with your console of choice. It is worth noting that you need to have logged into NBA 2K23 with a 2K Sports account as well.

With everything linked, you will be able to follow the instructions for scanning your face on the NBA 2K23 app. The app will guide you through how to best scan your face.

How to Import Your Face Scan into NBA 2K23

Whether you are just now creating your MyPlayer or are looking to update your current MyPlayer, you can now import your face scan into NBA 2K23.

Launch into MyCareer and navigate to the Appearance option in MyPlayer. Once there, select the “Scan Your Face” option. And just like that, you’ve applied your face to your NBA 2K23 MyPlayer. Congratulations, now go tear up the court!

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NBA 2K23 will be available on September 9th for PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PC.

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