NBA 2K23 Leadership Conference Answers

Find out how to improve your image in NBA 2K23!

by Shaun Cichacki


If you’re looking to push your character to a new limit, you’ll have the perfect chance to do that in NBA 2K23 and its MyCareer Mode. As you make your way through its narrative, you’ll need to make some hard choices, and depending on the type of player that you’re looking to build, you may push the wrong person’s buttons and send some mixed messages to your fans.

As you continue through the career mode that this game has to offer, you’ll have plenty of chances to make some big choices that could impact your character and their progression, so you’ll need to find out the best plan of action before you can start balling once more. Here are the best answers that you’ll be able to give during the leadership conference in NBA 2K23!

Leadership Conference Answers in NBA 2K23

When it comes to the Leadership Conference, you’ll need to be in charge of your own answers for this one. Depending on the type of player that you want to be known for, you’ll have plenty of dialog options to match the perfect choices. If you’re looking to be a General or a Trailblazer, you’ll need to make sure that you’re choosing the correct answers that will help you add more points to your player.

As you continue through the game, you’ll have chances to let your rough and rowdy side out as a Trailblazer, or you’ll be able to stick to your guns and stay polite and professional as a General, each with their own unique skills and benefits. However, the Leadership Conference is going to be a chance to either change your public image or double down on it. Make sure that you’re checking into your Skill Trees beforehand to find what could be your best bet.

Fortunately, there are no right or wrong answers, as you’ll be able to make it through this either way with very little deviation from the standard story arc, so choosing whichever path and building upwards from there will allow you to continue making your dream player.

Do you want to be a General for your team or a Trailblazer? Find the icons that match your preferred path, and choose them, and you’ll have all of the answers that you’ll need. Your story will continue just the same, no matter your choices in this specific story beat. Your public image may change if you have a change of heart, so you may need to be careful of that, depending on how you’ve played up to this point, however.

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NBA 2K23 is available now on PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PC.

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