One Piece Odyssey: How Does Exploration Work?

Field Actions add to exploration

by Christian Bognar

The upcoming release of One Piece Odyssey has fans speculating about what could be new about the in-game world and how exploration works this time. Fans have been hoping that developers of ILCA will bring something new to the table and add a fresh spin on discovery for the beloved series. The good news is that Bandai Namco has confirmed on their website that exploration will be different this time around, with each character playing a significant role in progression. Sounds cool, right? Keep reading as we will tell you everything we learned about the exploration in One Piece Odyssey.

Exploration in One Piece Odyssey Explained

The latest entry is adding a mechanic that the creators are calling “Field Action,” which, in other words, means actions that players can use to interact with the world around them. This mechanic goes even further by allowing each character to have their specific field action unique to themself. For example, to progress into particular locations or storylines, the player must use a field action that will work at that current moment. Players can switch between all characters while exploring the world to access these field actions to make this work.

The Bandai Namco website gives an example explaining, “Luffy can use his Gum-Gum powers to obtain items from afar, while Zoro can cut through iron treasure chests to collect items inside.” With all the confirmed characters so far, there will be a lot of available field actions and could add a lot of backtrack potential once you unlock them all.

The good news about the latest One Piece entry is that the game aims to make the experience feel as fresh as possible for as long as possible. They have done this through the exploration explained in this article and also have done it through the new combat mechanic called Dramatic Scenes. Click here to get an understanding of the new combat mechanic.

One Piece Odyssey will be available on January 13 on PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, and PC.

- This article was updated on January 9th, 2023

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