One Piece Odyssey: What are Dramatic Scenes in Combat?

This mechanic is looking to spice up the combat

by Christian Bognar

With One Piece Odyssey just around the corner, fans are beyond stoked for the latest entry in this long-running franchise. Players have questions and wonder whether the game will differ from its predecessors regarding combat. Fortunately, developers of ILCA have confirmed they are spicing things up a bit by adding a feature called “Dramatic Scenes” to combat. This new feature will ensure that combat stays fresh after a certain amount of time playing, adding to the excitement each battle will bring. We are here to explain everything we know about Dramatic Scenes and how they add to the combat system as a whole.

One Piece Odyssey Dramatic Scenes, Explained

With the demo releasing soon, everyone will hopefully get a glimpse of what Dramatic Scenes entail, but let us tell you what we know. This mechanic aims to create situations in the middle of battles that act like mini-missions. Completing these challenges on time will grant players an immense boost in experience points and rewards for a well-done job. According to the Bandai Namco website, these events occur randomly, are unexpected, and are unique to the world of One Piece.

Bandai Namco provides an example saying, “using a specific character to defeat a powered-up enemy in a certain number of turns.” This seems like it is just the beginning of what objectives Dramatic Scenes will throw the player’s way, and we can’t wait to see how far this mechanic goes. JRPG games can go bland after the same tedious action of selecting the attack button, so knowing that One Piece Odyssey is changing the playstyle is a breath of fresh air.

Combat isn’t the only thing the new One Piece game aims to improve, as the exploration has been comprehensively enhanced to add excitement to discovering locations.

We are excited to see what is in store for all the confirmed characters in the latest entry in the series and will keep you updated if any more news comes along.

One Piece Odyssey will be available on January 13 on PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, and PC.

- This article was updated on January 9th, 2023

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