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Outriders: How to Fix Game Not Found Matchmaking Error

Here's how to fix the "Game Not Found" error in Outriders.

by Diego Perez


Outriders has been suffering from several server issues since launch, and the Game Not Found matchmaking error has been a common problem for some players when they try to play with friends. Outriders is much more fun in multiplayer, so it’s disappointing when this error pops up. The servers have also been getting hammered since launch, so connectivity issues have been a common complaint among players. Here’s how to fix the Game Not Found error in Outriders.

How to Fix Game Not Found Error in Outriders

You can try these three things to fix the Game Not Found matchmaking error in Outriders.

  • Select “Try Again” when prompted
  • Turn on crossplay
  • Restart the game

Unfortunately, there is no guaranteed fix or workaround for this issue. Outriders has been dealing with server issues over its launch weekend, and the Game Not Found error is just one of many problems players have been running into when trying to play this always-online title. Choosing “Try Again” could just brute force you past the error if you get lucky, and restarting the game is a fix that solves quite a few of the game’s server issues.


Interestingly enough, enabling crossplay seems to fix this issue for some players. Outriders features full crossplay between all platforms, but the crossplay functionality has been temporarily disabled between PC and console due to a game-breaking bug that would disconnect crossplay players. PC players on Steam and Epic can still crossplay and console players on PlayStation and Xbox can still crossplay, but PC and console players cannot join each other. Regardless, enabling crossplay could solve the Game Not Found error by widening the number of players available for matchmaking. It won’t be the full playerbase from all platforms, but you’ll still be able to match with some other players depending on your platform of choice.

Outriders has yet to receive a major patch, but it’s only been a short time since launch. People Can Fly is hard at work fixing the bugs and issues players have been encountering since the game released earlier this month, but the server status issues have most likely been taking up a lot of the developer’s time since the game has regularly been going down. The servers are getting hammered by excited players and an influx of Xbox Game Pass subscribers, so the typical release problems that tend to surround this type of game are being exacerbated even further. Stay tuned to the Outriders Twitter page for updates.

Outriders is available now on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and Google Stadia.

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