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Persona 5 Strikers: How to Get Money Fast

Like in real life, money is important.

by Victor Vellas


Persona 5 Strikers changed the whole IP’s formula to a hack ‘n’ slash game, instead of the traditional turn-based system Persona 5 used. What wasn’t changed though, is the importance of in-game currencies, with money being our main focus for now. Like in the real world, money is used in this entry to buy a lot of stuff, those being new equipment or consumables, and for other features such as summoning Registered Personas. As you see then, it is important to have as much as possible. Below, we will break down how you can actually increase your income.

How to set up for making a lot of money.

As you would have guessed by now, money is mostly gained through random battles and from selling stuff through Sophia’s services. While the latter gives you a good amount, we want to invest in some other ways, focused around fighting.

Right from the get go, what you need to do is to level up certain Bond Skills. Two of them to be exact. The first one is called Extortionist and the second one Treasure Hunter. We won’t mention here how they are unlocked, to keep it as spoiler-free as possible.

Extortionist’s function is rather simple. It increases the amount of money you get after each battle. That’s all it does, and it does it well, increasing the total amount of money gained by a lot, if leveled up to max. Treasure Hunter on the other hand, increases the chance of finding Treasure Demons. The mysterious creatures are certain enemies that can appear later in the game, which if you defeat, give you a huge amount of XP points, money and items. Therefore, investing in this skill is also beneficial for farming levels for your characters. They appear as red floating rocks/jewels, which you attack in order to initiate the fight. They have a certain ruleset to their fights, including a countdown, so they can be proven quite challenging if you try to farm them early on.

How to get big amounts of money fast.

With those 2 skills ready and set, you can now begin your money farming. Just by progressing through the game, if you have those enabled, you will amass a very good amount in any case. If you want to go the extra mile, or if you are in end-game and you are farming to defeat the game’s hardest challenges, you need to grind. Grinding comes in two forms.

First, we have the Painful Past Requests, a feature that is unlocked further down the Story. What these are, are unique side tasks that let you re-battle any of the game’s main Bosses you previously defeated. Making it a late game activity, in order to have multiple enemies to choose from and fight. After each battle, if you are victorious, the amount of money you get is pretty generous, especially with Extortionist leveled up a fair bit.

Lastly, we have the Treasure Demons we spoke of right above. After they are enabled, again by reaching a certain Jail in the story, they can be farmed repeatedly. With the Treasure Hunter skill enabled, you can find up to 6-7 Treasure Demons in one run, so it is well worth it. Destroy all of them and claim a fortune, simple as that.

I already briefly mentioned it, but both of the above grind methods can be repeated indefinitely. This means that making a lot of money fast, is solely based to how much you are willing to grind. In any case though, since money is essential for getting superb weapons and armor, and for summoning multiple Personas to use them as fodder, it is almost certain that at some point, you will begin the grind. As in any RPG out there.

Persona 5 Strikers officially releases on February 23, 2021 for the PC, PS4 and the Nintendo Switch. Those that pre-ordered the Deluxe Edition, can jump into the game right now.


- This article was updated on:February 28th, 2021

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