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Phasmophobia – How to Light Smudge Sticks, and How to Use Them

Cleanse an area and keep yourself safe

by Kyle Hanson


Your first few hours in Phasmophobia might be the scariest you’ll experience in the whole game. Not just because you’re getting haunted and probably killed by angry ghosts, but also because you need to figure out how all this stuff works. After a while you’ll get the hang of things, figuring out your inventory limit and how to use items. But then the smudge sticks come along and mess the whole thing up. You have sticks, you may also have a lighter, but how do you combine the two? Here’s how to light smudge sticks, and how to use them to cleanse in Phasmophobia.

How to Light Smudge Sticks

In case it wasn’t clear above, in order to light smudge sticks you also need a lighter. Make sure you’ve bought and added both of them to your inventory if you want to actually use them. Once they’re there you need to pick both up into your inventory, though a friend can help if you don’t want to use up both of your extra slots.

When you’re ready to light the smudge stick (see below for more on where and how to use them) just switch over to the lighter and right click or press left trigger to turn it on. Now just switch back to the smudge sticks and press F or Left Trigger with a controller. This will light the smudge stick right up. If you have a friend holding the lighter they can also walk up to you, or light it on the ground though this can be more challenging to work out. So that’s how to light smudge sticks, but what do they do and how do you use them appropriately?

How to Use Smudge Sticks to Cleanse

Smudge sticks basically cleanses an area temporarily and prevents the ghost from entering its hunting phase. You’ll want to use the smudge sticks in the ghost’s room for the most effect, so make sure you’ve found it before lighting them as they will burn up quickly. Once you know where to use them just light them using the tips above and either carry them in the room or throw them on the ground.

The smoke will spread and then dissipate indicating it has been used up. Ghost activity may rise on the monitors in the truck, but the ghost is now unable to enter a hunt so you are safe temporarily. Most ghosts will be cleansed for 90 seconds, though a Spirit will be calmed for 180 seconds. However, if a hunt has already started it won’t totally stop it, they will buy you time though. Lighting and using smudge sticks during a hunt will make the ghost stop for about six seconds (90 for a Yurei), giving you time to escape.

So that’s how to light smudge sticks, and how to use them to cleanse in Phasmophobia.

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