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Phasmophobia – How to Talk to Friends and Use Walkie Talkie

You don't have to only talk to ghosts

by Kyle Hanson


Phasmophobia is a game all about communication. Sure there’s some science involved and on the surface it’s about hunting and identifying ghosts, but to do that you need to actually talk. Because of this there’s a lot to unpack about the game’s communication methods and how to use them. We’re going to break them all down for you explaining how to talk to friends and how to use the walkie talkie in Phasmophobia.

How to Talk to Friends

Before you’re able to actually talk to your friends you need to make sure that you’ve properly set up your mic. If that’s all working and you’ve gotten into the same lobby or game then you have the pre-requisites all figured out. But what do you do if you’re in the same game and can’t hear each other? By default Phasmophobia uses push to talk, so try pressing V on keyboard or Left Bumper on an Xbox controller. This is your local push-to-talk which will project your voice near where you physically are standing in the game. If you’re in the lobby or standing near each other in the game then you should hear each other just fine, otherwise you’ll need to redo the set up (it can break sometimes) or use the walkie talkie.

How to Use Walkie Talkie

The walkie talkie is your ranged voice option, letting you talk to friends no matter where you or they are on the map. It’s always available to you, until the ghost begins a hunt which will cut communications. To use it you just need to use the walkie talkie push-to-talk button which is B on keyboard and Right Bumper on controller. Holding this down will send your voice throughout the map, with a little radio static layered on top.

So that’s how to talk to friends and how to use the walkie talkie in Phasmophobia.

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