Pokemon GO Field Notes: Trick of the Light Community Day Special Research Ticket: Should You Buy It?

Should you spend your money?

by Kara Phillips


With Litwick Community Day just around the corner in Pokemon GO, the Special Research ticket for this event has finally become available for players to purchase. But with little information on what the ticket involves and Litwick being a pretty elusive ghost type to come across, many players question whether the research ticket is worth the money. Also, unlike Community Day, the ticket isn’t free, so you’ll want to know the ins and outs before purchasing.

Should You Buy the Special Research Ticket for Pokemon GO?

Litwick is one of the more challenging ghost-type Pokemon to encounter within the game, and even as the spooky season rolls around, several players are still struggling to get a glimpse of this tiny flame. So those struggling to find one may think the Special Research ticket is worth it due to the increased spawn rate, but it comes down to whether or not you think it’s worth the money. Of course, there’s more to the ticket than just increasing the spawn rate, given it’s a community day, and spawns will be increased anyway.

The Research Ticket is not required to participate in the event, but it will aid your search for Litwick and gift you Pokeballs and items to make catching them more accessible. An increased spawn rate also makes it much easier to collect Litwick candies to eventually evolve into Lampent and then Chandelure with the addition of an Unova Stone. Alongside this, your chances of coming across a shiny version will also be more likely, given how many you’ll be coming across. So, paying for the ticket may be worth considering if you’re a shiny hunter.

However, if you’re considering purchasing the ticket to try and catch the perfect Litwick to level up eventually and evolve to create the perfect Chandelure to teach the attack Poltergeist, it’s not worth it. There’s no evidence to suggest Chandelure will be able to use the move, and the risk isn’t worth the money. Furthermore, Chandelure is more of a damage dealer Pokemon than an endurance Pokemon, so it won’t have enough stamina to use the move, and you’d be wasting your money trying to achieve this.

Pokemon GO is available on mobile devices.

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