Pokemon Go: How to Get Shiny Litleo

Here is how to catch yourself a Shiny Litleo!

by Noah Nelson


Litleo, and especially Shiny Litleo, is one of the cutest Pokemon around in Pokemon Go. Although the Spotlight Hour for Litleo has passed, there is still plenty of opportunities to catch a shiny Litleo. Also, make sure you’re prepared for February 8 when Spritzee will have a Spotlight Hour along with a two times bonus to Stardust catching. Now is the perfect time to catch yourself a Shiny Litleo.

Can Litleo Be Shiny?

Yes, Litleo can in fact be shiny in Pokemon Go. Thanks to the Lunar New Year celebration, which lasts from today until February 7, 8:00 p.m. local time, a Shiny version of Litleo has been debuted. Based on whether you catch a male or female Litleo will determine which type of Pyroar it evolves into as well.

During the Lunar New Year Event, the following Pokemon will appear more frequently in the wild:

  • Paras (Shiny)
  • Meowth (Shiny)
  • Growlithe (Shiny)
  • Voltorb (Shiny)
  • Voltorb (Hisuian)
  • Magikarp (Shiny)
  • Torchic (Shiny)
  • Litleo (Shiny)

How to Catch Shiny Litleo

Not only will Shiny Litleo be more common in the wild, but Shiny Litleo will also be available to catch in One-Star Raids and 7 KM Eggs. Two guaranteed methods of Field Research will also give you a shot at a Shiny Litleo in Pokemon Go. By completing either or both of the Field Research “Send 3 Gifts and add a sticker to each” or “Trade a Pokemon”, you will have a chance to encounter Shiny Litleo.

By completing the Timed Research “Catch 10 different species of Pokemon”, you’ll also ensure a shot at getting a Shiny Litleo. During the Lunar New Year Event, there are a plethora of ways to catch yourself a Shiny Litleo.

Whether you are searching for your Shiny Litleo or are just looking for more Litleo Candy in order to evolve your Litleo into a Pyroar, there are a few tips you’ll want to know before heading out. Here is what you should do ahead of time to prepare:

  • Stock up on Poke Balls so you don’t run out
  • Clear space in your Storage Box for Litleo
  • Buy Incense to further boost spawn rates

And that is how to snag yourself a Shiny Litleo in Pokemon Go. Make sure to stay tuned because February is filled with exciting new Pokemon Go events, Spotlight Hours, and more. To do that, follow our Pokemon Go guides to not be left behind.

Pokemon Go is available now on mobile devices.

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