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Pokémon GO – How to Get Shiny Nosepass

How to catch Shiny Nosepass during the Searching for Legends event

by Kyle Hanson


Shiny Nosepass has arrived in Pokémon GO thanks to the launch of the Searching for Legends event. The Compass Pokémon will be helping you hunt down Legendary characters all throughout the new Season of Legends going on in the hugely popular mobile game. At least, thematically, since there doesn’t seem to be any real functional change to the game. Still, while you may have caught this guy before, it’s time to get shiny hunting during this five day long event. To help, here’s tips and tricks for how to get Shiny Nosepass in Pokémon GO during the Searching for Legends event.

How to Get Shiny Nosepass and Probopass

The Searching for Legends event is the first time Shiny Nosepass has been made available in Pokémon GO, so players will definitely want to get one while they have better odds at catching one. You have quite a few ways to do that during the event, with most offering great shiny odds compared to the usual methods. The best way to get Shiny Nosepass is simply to encounter as many as you can during the event, but there’s a lot of nuance to that so let’s explore the many opportunities you have down below.

Nosepass will be appearing more frequently in the wild, so simply checking the area around you likely will yield good results for shiny hunting. Incense so far does not seem to increase the frequency of Nosepass spawns though (UPDATE: Recent reports counter this, so you should try using Incense if you need another Nosepass encounter), so you’re left with whatever appears around you normally. There are better options for catching Shiny Nosepass though.

Timed and Field Research are truly the best method for getting a Shiny Nosepass during the Searching for Legends event. We break down the Timed Research here and have a list of all the Field Research tasks as well. For the Field Research you have a lot more chances if you play a lot. Any time you spin a Poké Stop during the event, which runs from March 9th to the 14th, you might receive one of the event exclusive tasks. Complete it for a Nosepass encounter that could end up being shiny.

Other than this your only real chance at getting Shiny Nosepass is to hatch one from one of the event exclusive 5km eggs. Simply spin Stops to get more eggs when you have available space then put it into an incubator. If you hatch it after the event it won’t impact the shiny odds, but try to hatch more so you have open space to get more eggs. Each could contain Shiny Nosepass, so the more you hatch the better.

So in short, complete the Timed Research, collect and complete event-exclusive Field Research tasks, and hatch 5km eggs gotten during the Searching for Legends event. And that’s how to get Shiny Nosepass in Pokémon GO. Once you have one just spend 50 Candy while within range of a Magnetic Lure to evolve it into Shiny Probopass if you want one.

- This article was updated on:March 9th, 2021

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