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Pokémon GO Luminous Legends X Event Guide – Everything you need to Know

What are the bonuses, which Pokémon will spawn, and more

by Kyle Hanson


After a few rocky and less exciting events the Luminous Legends X event is kicking off with Pokémon GO players quite excited. The debut of Xerneas is certainly the headline, but there is a ton of stuff to enjoy about this latest celebration. But to participate in it all you have to know what’s going on. To help you out there we’ve put together this Pokémon GO Luminous Legends event guide, giving you everything you need to know.

Luminous Legends X Event Guide

Below we’ve broken down everything you need to know about the Luminous Legends X event, separating them into frequently asked questions.

When does Luminous Legends X Begin and End

The Luminous Legends X event begins Tuesday, May 4th at 10am in your local time zone. It will continue until Monday, May 17th at 8pm, but some aspects might be unlocked partway through (see below).

What are the Bonuses during Luminous Legends X

  • Timed Research quest
  • Event exclusive Field Research tasks and rewards
  • Spritzee, Swirlix, and Goomy debut in the game
  • Xerneas debuts in 5-star raids
  • Rainy Lure Modules added
    • Spawn Pokémon that are boosted by Rainy weather
    • Water, Bug, and Electric type
    • Allow evolution of Sliggoo into Goodra
  • Dragonite evolved or Charge TM’d during the event will know Draco Meteor
  • Salamence evolved or Charge TM’d during the event will know Outrage
  • Fairy-type Global Challenge – Players must catch 500,000,000 Fairy-type Pokémon to unlock
    • Bonuses active from May 11th at 10am until May 17th at 8pm
    • 3x Catch XP
    • Pancham added to game and wild spawns during event
    • Shiny Galarian Ponyta added to game, available after event as well

What Pokémon will Spawn during Luminous Legends X

Below are the Pokémon that will have boosted wild spawns during the event. If they are tagged with (S) then they can be shiny.

  • Dratini (S)
  • Ralts (S)
  • Bagon (S)
  • Cottonee
  • Spritzee
  • Swirlix
  • Goomy
  • Pancham (from May 11th to the 17th if the Global Challenge is met)

What Pokémon Hatch from Eggs during Luminous Legends X

The following Pokémon will be hatching from 7km eggs you receive during the event. The hatch is determined when you get the egg, so they will still be there if you hatch after the event concludes. If they are tagged with (S) then they can be shiny.

  • Cleffa (S)
  • Igglybuff (S)
  • Azurill (S)
  • Gible (S)
  • Spritzee
  • Swirlix

What Pokémon are in Raids during Luminous Legends X

Along with some holdovers from the normal raid pool, the following Pokémon will be appearing in raids during the event.

  • Galarian Ponyta – 1-Star
  • Alolan Exeggutor – 3-Star
  • Xerneas – 5-Star

And that’s our Pokémon GO Luminous Legends event guide. Be sure to check out the linked guides if you need more info.

- This article was updated on:May 3rd, 2021

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