Pokemon GO Power Plant Event: Field Research Tasks, Rewards, Shiny Pokemon, and Raids

Another Pokemon GO event is now live.

by Diego Perez


The Power Plant event has arrived in Pokemon GO, following in the footsteps of the Mountains of Power event that kicked off earlier this month. While the previous event was centered around Rock and Steel-type Pokemon, the Power Plant event focuses primarily on Electric-type Pokemon. This event also marks the Pokemon GO debut of the fifth-generation Electric-type Pokemon Helioptile and its evolution, Heliolisk. Helioptile and Heliolisk are the main attractions of this event, but there are plenty of other Pokemon on offer like Porygon, Jolteon, Electabuzz, and more. Some of these can even be shiny, so there’s a lot to look forward to in this event. Here’s everything you need to know about the Power Plant event in Pokemon GO.

Pokemon GO Power Plant Event Schedule

The Power Plant Pokemon GO event will last two full weeks, starting on Wednesday, January 19, 2022, at 10:00 AM and ending on Tuesday, February 1, 2022, at 10:00 AM local time. Unlike the XP Challenge and other limited-time events that require the purchase of a Johto Tour Ticket, the Power Plant event is free to all players.

How to Catch Helioptile

Helioptile can be found in the wild just like any other Pokemon, but there is a guaranteed way to get a Helioptile encounter if you’re having trouble finding a wild one. A Helioptile encounter is a reward for completing the “Walk 1 Kilometer” Field Research Task, and you can complete that task as many times as you like. You can also get an encounter with a Helioptile by completing the “Catch 5 Electric-Type Pokemon” Field Research Task, but that task can also reward a few other Pokemon instead.

Helioptile’s spawn rate will also be boosted throughout the duration of the event, so you should see the Pokemon in the wild fairly often until February 1. If you catch enough of them and amass 50 Helioptile Candy, you can use a Sun Stone to evolve Helioptile into Heliolisk.

Power Plant Field Research Tasks and Rewards

There are 6 event-specific Field Research Tasks for the Power Plant event, and each of them is listed below.

  • Catch 5 Electric-Type Pokemon: Electrick, Helioptile, or Joltik Encounter
  • Make 3 Curveball Throws: Voltorb or Magnemite Encounter
  • Take a Snapshot of a Wild Electric-Type Pokemon: 25 Ampharos or Manectric Mega Energy
  • Walk 1 Kilometer: Helioptile Encounter
  • Walk 2 Kilometers: Trubbish Encounter
  • Walk 3 Kilometers: Emolga Encounter

Power Plant Spawns

During the Power Plant event, several Electric-type Pokemon will have increased spawn rates in the wild. Each of the event wild Pokemon Encounters is listed below.

(An asterisk denotes that a Pokemon can be shiny.)

  • Magnemite*
  • Grimer*
  • Voltorb*
  • Electabuzz*
  • Porygon*
  • Trubbish*
  • Helioptile
  • Electrode
  • Jolteon

Power Plant Raid Bosses

Just like most Pokemon GO events, this event brings new boss Pokemon to One-Star, Three-Star, and Five-Star Raids. Some Pokemon will be available for the first week of the event, while the other half will be available during the second week of the event. Here’s the full Power Plant Raid schedule:

(An asterisk denotes that a Pokemon can be shiny.)

  • One-Star Raids
    • Pikachu*
    • Beldum*
    • Shinx*
    • Blitzle*
    • Klink*
  • Three-Star Raids (January 15 – January 24)
    • Scyther*
    • Typhlosian
    • Mawile*
    • Druddigon*
  • Three-Star Raids (January 24 – February 1)
    • Dewgong
    • Piloswine
    • Monferno
    • Druddigon*
  • Five-Star Raids (January 15 – January 24)
    • Genesect (Shock Drive)
  • Five-Star Raids (January 24 – February 1)
    • Regice*

Pokemon GO is available now on mobile devices.

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