Pokemon Legends Arceus – How to Battle Friends

Is it possible to battle others in Pokemon Legends Arceus?

by Gordon Bicker


Pokémon Legends Arceus is now available to the masses and eager fans are beginning to dive into the experience. Set in the Hisui region, every step you take will feel brand new as you venture through what looks set to be an enthralling environment with mystery and discovery encapsulated throughout the world. There is an abundance of new things to discover and any fan of the series will feel at home in the latest region. Whether you are deciding upon what starter Pokémon you want when you start the game for the first time or choosing your pokemon trainer. This guide article will let you know if it’s possible to battle other players in Pokémon Legends Arceus.

Is it Possible to Battle Other Players in Pokemon Legends Arceus?

At the time of writing, it is unfortunately not possible to battle other players in the experience. This applies to both online battles and local battles, they are currently not a feature of the game at the moment. However, there are (people) battles in the game, for example against other NPC trainers just unfortunately not any real-world payers that you will be able to battle.

It has been a common practice in the past for Pokemon games to include a battling system to allow you to battle other players in the various experiences but with Pokemon Legends Arceus they have decided to leave it out as a feature. For example, Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl had the ‘Union Room‘ where players were able to host battles with other players and join them among many other utilisations for the room. It should also be noted that there is of course also no ranked battles included within the latest instalment of the franchise at the moment.

Will a Battling System Be Included Soon?

With no online/local battling system present at the moment, the question remains, will a battle system be included for the game soon. The answer to that is an unclear one as it is currently unknown if an online and/or local battling system will be added to the experience. Trainers can trade with other online or local players within the game so online functionality is indeed included which means that a battling system isn’t totally out of the cards.

The developers had noted that an online battling system/PvP battles wouldn’t be implemented into the experience however as with anything, there may be inclusions of the feature in the future updates of the game. It would be a thrill to battle your well-trained Pokemon against the players that you want to battle and have some friendly competition with them. It would certainly make a nice end-game feature for players to enjoy and keep building their Pokemon battling skills up for. However, as of the time being, NPC battles will have to be the way that they compete in battles with their Pokemon for a close experience to PvP battles.

Will you be playing through Pokemon Legends Arceus this month?

Pokemon Legends Arceus is available on Nintendo Switch now.

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