Pokemon Legends Arceus – How to Beat Noble Pokemon, Can You Catch Them?

All you need to know about Noble Pokemon and how to acquire one.

by Elliott Gatica


Pokemon Legends Arceus adds three new types of Pokemon that players can’t wait to join their teams. One of them, which is heavily tied to the progression and main story of the game is the Noble variant of Pokemon. Slight spoilers ahead, but some of these will be named and mechanics will be revealed. Here is how you can beat Noble Pokemon and whether or not you can catch them in Pokemon Legends: Arceus.

Noble Pokemon in Pokemon Legends: Arceus

What are Noble Pokemon?

Noble Pokemon are special variants of a typical Pokemon that have been revered by the people of the Hisui region as being connected to “Sinnoh” in Legends: Arceus. The many Wardens of the region are given the opportunity to protect these Nobles as well as maintain the area in which they reside. They also feed these Pokemon with their favorite foods (spoiler warning ahead).

How do I beat Noble Pokemon?

Noble Pokemon are the boss battles in Legends Arceus. You’ll see different Pokemon types turn yellow/gold and will be referred to as Frenzied. These Frenzied Noble Pokemon have become this way due to the space-time disruption going on (the place where you also conveniently came out from).


You won’t simply come up to a Frenzied Noble like you would with any other normal or Alpha Pokemon in the wild. Instead, you’ll be introduced to them via cutscenes and be given their favorite foods laced with material to snap them out of their Frenzied state.

The gameplay loop goes in the following: the Pokemon is hostile towards you. You’ll have to dodge the incoming attacks while constantly throwing packets of their favorite food towards them until they eventually tire out. Once tired out, you have to then initiate a Pokemon battle and bring their HP in the battle to 0.

Once that happens, you rinse and repeat until the Noble Pokemon’s Frenzy bar is completely emptied.

Can I catch Noble Pokemon?

Unfortunately, you cannot catch these Noble Pokemon. However, you can catch the normal or Alpha variant of that Pokemon. For example, Kleavor is definitely a fan-favorite newcomer Pokemon. People will definitely want that; luckily there is a herd of Scyther that spawns in the area behind where you initially fought it. Then you just need to find the right evolution item, the Black Augurite, to evolve a Scyther into Kleavor.

The same is applicable to the other Pokemon, so keep a lookout for nearby areas where these would spawn.

Pokemon Legends: Arceus is out now currently for the Nintendo Switch.

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