Pokemon Legends Arceus: How to Break Rocks

Break down any barriers.

by J.R. Waugh


In your adventures in the Hisui Region, you might come across the odd obstacle on the way to the next area.  While in previous games you were typically guided toward HM and TM moves like Rock Smash, Strength, and Cut, this game uses a different approach in which you can build your bonds with any of your Pokemon while you have them clear these sorts of obstacles.  Read more here in our guide on How to Break Rocks in Pokemon Legends Arceus!

Pokemon Legends Arceus: How to Break Rocks


The short answer is to simply press X and make sure you have a Pokemon in your party available, hold ZR, aim near the rocks, and throw.  The Pokemon will break down these massive rock walls with gusto, no matter how small or what moves they have, as they no longer need Rock Smash.  This can lead to some amusing moments while you build your friendship with the Pokemon you catch, such as a lowly Wurmple being more than enough to break these rocks down.  As an additional reward on top of clearing the path, you’ll often find ore and other drops upon breaking rocks in the game, so take any opportunities you can!


In addition to these obstacles, this stands to be the case for most harvesting activities throughout the game, as you can have your Pokemon break down the smaller ore deposits like Tumblestone and its variants in the open areas.  This is all part of the game’s focus on letting you explore more independently from scripted events, although following those will reward you with the Stars necessary to tame higher-level Pokemon, as well as the various Mounts.


This concludes our guide to How to Break Rocks in Pokemon Legends Arceus!  Be sure to check out our many other guides below and get straight to adventuring, whether it be to complete your Pokedex, or to fill it over twice with Shiny Pokemon!

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