Pokemon Legends Arceus – How to Catch Alert Pokemon

Sometimes you'll have to revert to the basics to catch wild Pokemon.

by Elliott Gatica


Catching alert Pokemon is the more standard means of collecting in Legends Arceus. In this game, you’ll be taught another effective way of catching additional Pokemon in a stealthy manner. Sometimes, that just isn’t the case either because nearby mons are alerting it or you just got caught. In any case, here is how you can catch alert Pokemon in Legends Arceus.

How to catch alert Pokemon in Pokemon Legends Arceus

In the event that you alert a Pokemon and can’t shake them off, you’ll need to throw your Pokemon out for a classic-styled battle. Alerted Pokemon cannot have Pokeballs thrown at them. If you throw a Pokeball or any sort of catching device at an alerted Pokemon, it’ll simply bounce off of them, wasting that used ball from your inventory.

The most effective method in catching alert Pokemon is if you can get a good party Pokemon throw to the back of the alerted mon. You’ll have to wait for an opening after they attack you. When Pokemon attack you in the field before you summon yours, they oftentimes leave a window of opportunity for you to come around and get a preemptive attack.


Now that you’re in a standard Pokemon battle, it’s all back to the basics from here. Weaken the wild Pokemon low enough to red health and inflict statuses on them to increase the likelihood of a catch. The best status effects are Sleep and Paralysis since they don’t lower health every turn.

In this game, Paralysis can actually be healed off through the passage of time. It’s not permanent, so if a wild Pokemon starts to shake off every Pokeball you throw at them, you may need to try again and find another.

In the case where you startle a Pokemon, you can actually lose aggro by gaining enough distance from them. This works very well if you want to go for rarer spawns like Alpha Pokemon.

Pokemon Legends: Arceus is out now exclusively for the Nintendo Switch.

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