Pokémon Legends Arceus: How to Change Dialga and Palkia Forms

Check out how to unlock and alternate between Dialga and Palkia's Origin forms in Pokémon Legends Arceus

by Franklin Bellone Borges


Pokémon Legends Arceus gives its players the chance to add a wide variety of legendary Pokémon to their squad. With that said, among the many Pokémon available, the Diamond and Pearl mascots Dialga and Palkia are arguably among the top 3, thanks to their extremely powerful moves and high stats, but what many players don’t know is that you can actually change between their normal and Origin forms in the game. Now, we will tell you how to unlock as well as how to change between Dialga and Palkia’s Base and Origin Forms in Pokémon Legends Arceus.

How to Change Dialga and Palkia Forms in Pokémon Legends Arceus

After catching both Dialga and Palkia, and completing the game’s main story, you will be able to unlock their Origin Forms by getting either an Adamant Crystal (Dialga) or a Lustrous Globe (Palkia). After getting either item, you will be able to change and alternate between the forms by using each Pokémon’s respective item on them. You can check out how to get both the Adamant Crystal and the Lustrous Globe below.

How to Get the Adamant Crystal and Unlock Origin Form Dialga

After completing the game’s main story, you will be able to get the Adamant Crystal by heading to Lake Valor, located in the Crimson Mirelands area. Once there, you just need to talk to Adaman to trigger the game’s 89th request ”The Diamond Clan’s Treasure”. To complete the request you just need to beat him in battle. After defeating him, he will give you an Adamant Crystal.

How to Get the Lustrous Globe and Unlock Origin Form Palkia

To get the Lustrous Globe, on the other hand, you just need to head to the Alabaster Acelands, more specifically to an area located above the Pearl Settlement. Once there, you just need to find and talk to Irida, which will trigger the game’s 90th request ”The Pearl Clan’s Treasure”. Just like with the 89th request, you will need to defeat her in battle to receive the item.

Now that you know how to alter between the Dialga and Palkia forms in Pokémon Legends Arceus, don’t forget to also check out how to catch RegigigasArceus, and Giratina.

You can play Pokémon Legends Arceus right now, exclusively on the Nintendo Switch. You can check out our review of the newly released game here.

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