Pokemon Legends Arceus Petilil Location: The Search for Bitter Leaves Request Guide

Three leaves equal zero problems with this handy guide to find Petilil

by Shaun Cichacki


Pokemon Legends Arceus, available now exclusively on Nintendo Switch, has brought a lot of new ideas to the table.

One of those new ideas are Requests, and can range from finding a two-finned Pokemon, to finding the Legend of the Seas, you’ll find yourself not only catching all the Pokemon you can find, but also helping out as many people as you can.

Completing requests is not only helpful for you to help progress the story, but you are also rewarded for your good deeds with items that can help you, and items that can be sold for big money.

Following this handy guide, we’ll help you find the elusive Three Leaf Pokemon Petilil, and complete The Search for Bitter Leaves Request!

How to complete The Search For Bitter Leaves


You’ll want to start your request in Jubilife Village, near the central houses, and look for Shinon near the main traveled road. Speak to her and get her request. After that, head into the quarters next to her and speak to Anise, doing so will prompt you to find the Pokemon with three leaves on its head.

From here, you’ll want to go to Cottonsedge Praire, which is located on the eastern side of the Crimson Mirelands. You’ll be able to spot, and capture, Petilil here. Once you have claimed this Pokemon as your own, either adventure further and get more Research Points, or head back to Jubilife Village.

Once you return, you’ll want to speak with Anise one more time, and give her your freshly caught Petilil, thus completing this request.

To recap the basics of the quest;

  • Starting in Jubilife Village, go and find Shion, speak with her and then visit the quarters next to her and speak to Anise. 
  • After receiving the request, make your way to the Crimson Mirelands, and head east until you come to Cottonsedge Praire, which is the home of Petilil.
  • Capture Petilil, and return to the village to give Anise your newly caught Pokemon and complete the request.

Note that you are recommended to be at least Rank 2 before embarking on this quest, and to learn how to raise your rank faster, follow our guide here.

After completing this request, embark back into the wilds of the Hisui region and start filling your Pokedex and completing more requests in your journey. For more helpful tips and tricks, please follow this link to access our guides section for Pokemon Legends: Arceus. 

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