Pokemon Legends Arceus: Where to Get Peat Block

Now you can have an Ursaluna you can take into battle.

by Elliott Gatica


Ursaluna is quite the powerhouse of a Pokemon. While you can summon it on command with your trusty Celestica Flute, you can in fact use Ursuluna as a Pokemon in battle. For Pokedex completion reasons, you will need to evolve three Ursarings to get it, so you’ll need a certain item. That item is the Peat Block, so here, we’ll help you get one in Pokemon Legends: Arceus.

Where to get a Peat Block in Pokemon Legends: Arceus

There are two sources where you can find this item in the game. The first method is to complete Request 77, Gone Astray…in the Icelands. Upon completing this, you’ll earn an Ice Stone, Star Piece, and a Peat Block. Don’t worry that you only got one Peat Block. These can be acquired again unlike the Alolan Vulpix from Request 83.

The other method is to use Ursuluna’s item finder ability. It can find items that you normally couldn’t see laying out and about in the overworld. Once you have gone far enough into the story to tame it, bring it over to the Ginkgo Landing at the Cobalt Coastlands. Search the area on the sand until Ursuluna’s item finder picks up on something.

If you’re trying to fulfill the requirements to evolve Ursarings for your Pokedex, you’ll only need to complete that Request and dig up two Peat Blocks with Ursaluna. This grind isn’t too bad, though you should note that you have to wait for the game to have a full moon while using it. Otherwise, the item will not have an evolutionary effect. You won’t expend this item if you try to use it when there is no full moon. The Peat Block will simply have no effect.

Since you’ll only have three Ursalunas, you might want to have an Alpha with an Adamant nature. Ursaluna isn’t the best Special Attacker, but it is a very heavy normal Attacker, making it not only quite tanky, but very devastating to Pokemon susceptible to physical attacks.

Pokemon Legends: Arceus is out now exclusively for the Nintendo Switch.

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