PUBG New State vs PUBG Explained: All Major Differences

PUBG New State has a lot of differences for players...

by Gordon Bicker


Player Unknown Battlegrounds more commonly known as ‘PUBG‘ has seen a lot of changes over the years and these changes have oftentimes been what has kept players always coming back to see what new additions have been included in the experience. Now PUBG: New State has been released and players are wanting to know what the PUBG: New State changes actually are and what the major differences are compared to PUBG itself. This guide will take you through all of the major changes to the experience.

What is PUBG: New State?

PUBG: New State is the sequel to its predecessor and has a host of new changes and additions to the game but holds the core experience of the past game standfast.

However, PUBG: New State is for mobiles only which is something that has sparked a conversation within the gaming community. There is no official announcement of the sequel arriving to consoles or PC yet however this is something that developers may choose to do in the future and create a port of the game to release on multiple platforms.

The PUBG: New State Major Differences and Changes

In the latest instalment of the franchise, there is a diverse number of changes that can be noted and seen within the gameplay. One of the new features is the ‘Squad Up Mode’, which is something that can use to truly change the tides of the battle. This mode allows players to save enemies when they are knocked down on the ground. You could choose to still kill them but why do that when you can bring a new member into your squad if there are spaces. It means that you’ll also be able to survive longer in the game and keep using this particular mechanic while progressing through the session itself.

Another new difference to the experience is the fact that you can play in either third-person or first-person mode. This change makes it so that you can experience the new map in the best view possible. There are also numerous new tactics that can be gained from utilising both viewing modes during a session.

There is also now a ‘drone store’ in PUBG: New State that players who eagerly pre-ordered the game will be happy to hear about. The drone store means that players can order supply drops from anywhere on the map, unlike the first instalment. However, other players will be looking for the drops that will arrive so being prepared for this will see you getting the drop with efficient methods. The drone store can be used to buy things such as medkits, ammo, and more.

There are numerous other changes to PUBG: New State from battery-powered cars to a new flare gun colour, will you be jumping into the battlefield this month?

PUBG: New State is available now for IOS and Android.

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