Redfall: Is There Single Player? Answered

Can you brave Redfall's Vampires alone?

by Thomas Cunliffe
Characters in Redfall
Image: Bethesda / Arkane

If Arkane Studios and Bethesda’s vampire co-op shooter Redfall has caught your eye while scrolling through Game Pass titles, you may wonder if the game can be played single-player. While vampire slaying with friends sounds like a blast, playing the game and experiencing the story at your own pace can be just as fun.

Can You Play Redfall Single Player?

Redfall can be played in its entirety as a single-player game. The catch is that Redfall requires a constant internet connection and can’t be played offline, a theme becoming incredibly common across AAA games.

If you decide that butchering vampires is feeling a little lonesome, you can invite your friends to join your game at any point. While only the host retains their mission progression, all players keep their levels, skills, weapons, gear, and ammo. This can be great for when you or your buddy is stuck on a particular mission, as you’ll both benefit.

Is Redfall Difficult to Play Solo?

Redfall is designed with multiplayer in mind, but the game is entirely manageable as a solo player. Certain aspects of the game, like enemy-heavy missions, can be more difficult without backup — but in my experience, Redfall’s default ‘Dusk‘ difficulty feels like the typical ‘Normal’ mode found in modern single-player titles.

That said, I have found myself running for my life from hordes of vampires and only making it out alive thanks to my trusty robot companion. Thankfully, you can change the game’s difficulty at any time from the title screen. There’s no shame in lowering the difficulty; games are meant to be fun!

If you’re brave enough to tackle the streets of Redfall alone, check out our Redfall Tier List to ensure you choose the right character for your solo venture. We also have a guide on increasing your maximum health with Blood Remnants.

This article was written playing Version 1.001 of Redfall on Xbox Series X.

- This article was updated on May 2nd, 2023

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