Reverse 1999 Chapter 4 Answers: Projector Relay, Power Source, and Crystal Orb

Get lots of cool rewards for completing these Reverse: 1999 Chapter 4 Trails!

by J.R. Waugh
Reverse 1999 Chapter 4 Answers
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If you’ve made it this far, congratulations, reaching the Trails of Chapter 4 in Reverse: 1999 means you’ve done some impressive grinding! By comparison, the answers to the Trails in Reverse: 1999 are much more tame by comparison!

All Chapter 4 Trail Answers in Reverse: 1999

There are 2 Trails in Reverse: 1999 Chapter 4, and there are simple answers, or solutions in this case, as each Trail is a fun puzzle.

The shortest list of Trails needing answers out of any Chapter so far, these puzzles are among the easiest, but we’re here to speed you along even quicker!

Projector Relay & Power Source

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This one is a simple circuit puzzle, but with potential short circuits if you mess it up. We have the solution here, and don’t be afraid to hit the reset icon on the top-right if you’re uncertain.

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Connect each of the nodes by tapping the individual pieces to create a circuit and connect the power source to complete this Trail in Chapter 4!

Crystal Orb

Here is the solution:

Image: Attack of the Fanboy

This Trail is a simple perspective puzzle, and it’s so easy you can solve it by haphazardly moving the sphere around until you align the shapes. You want it to resemble a small paper boat, and when you’ve got it right, the game will let you know. This one’s fun for any fans of Resident Evil 7 like myself who found this to be among the easiest of the game’s archaic puzzles.

The challenges thus far in Reverse: 1999 pale in comparison to the grinding and insight levels you’ll need to gain, and Chapter 4 only barely lets you glimpse the Insight II level in terms of challenges. This means that there’ll be more content on the way, and more answers to find to Trails beyond Chapter 4 in Reverse: 1999!

- This article was updated on November 1st, 2023

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