Should You Fight Back or Hide in New Tales from the Borderlands Episode 1

Will you be brave or will you be a coward?

by Noah Nelson


When the Tediore army invades in New Tales from the Borderlands, you have two options: fight back or hide. Like its predecessor Tales from the Borderlands, New Tales from the Borderlands has numerous big decisions to make. And this time, you have three characters to play as. Here is whether you should fight or hide in New Tales from the Borderlands.

Should You Fight Back or Hide in New Tales from the Borderlands Episode 1

After rescuing Juniper for Paco, Octavio and his friends are commanded by a Tediore squadron to return to their homes or die. It is up to you whether you fight back or hide.

What Happens if You Fight Back?

If you choose to fight back, Radon will lob a grenade right at the enemy and you’ll phone a friend to take out the Tediore commander. After that, you’ll take the Tediore walking talking gun and blast your way through the rest of the Tediore army. Quick tip: if you want to make some extra cash during these QTE sequences, shoot the mailboxes, not the soldiers.

What Happens if You Hide?

If you choose to hide, the same events unfold but in a different way. Octavio is the only member that will hide and everyone else will engage in combat, including Radon throwing his grenade. You’ll still need to call one of your friends to take out the Tediore commander; it doesn’t matter which friend. The only difference is how they do it. You will then comb the streets with the tedious Tediore gun and move on.

Though this decision seems big, it just results in different flavor texts and nothing major. At the end of both options, you and L0U13 will make your way to Fran’s shop which may or may not have a shattered Hank in the back room.

New Tales from the Borderlands is available on October 21, 2022, for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series S|X, Nintendo Switch, and PC.

- This article was updated on October 21st, 2022

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