Should You Kill or Spare Ciro in Dying Light 2 Bloody Ties?

Decide Ciro's fate.

by Diego Perez

Just like the main campaign, the Bloody Ties DLC for Dying Light 2 has plenty of choices throughout its story. As soon as you start Bloody Ties, you’ll meet Ciro and partner up with him as you try to work your way to Carnage Hall. Ciro is eager to climb the ranks and his family drama is the center of the DLC’s story, so it’s easy to get attached to your new partner. Things quickly go south early in the story though, and you have to either let Ciro beat you or kill him to climb the ranks yourself.

Should You Kill Ciro or Let Him Win in Dying Light 2?

This is the first important decision that you’ll make during the Bloody Ties DLC. After defeating Ciro, you’ll be given two options:

  • Let Ciro win – forfeit the fight
  • Kill Ciro – climb the ranks

Aside from the obvious consequences of Ciro either living or dying, this choice also has minor ripple effects throughout the rest of the DLC.

What Happens If You Kill Ciro?

If you kill Ciro, then he’s removed from the Bloody Ties DLC permanently. He won’t show up in any later cutscenes because Aiden will kill him right then and there. Ciro doesn’t have a huge role throughout the second half of the DLC, however, so you won’t be missing much. It’s better to let Ciro live though, because the additions listed below will make your playthrough of Bloody Ties more enjoyable.

What Happens If You Let Ciro Win?

If you let Ciro win, he’ll continue to attack you. Just let him hit you a few times and another cutscene will play, giving you another choice to either kill Ciro and move to the final fight or spare Ciro and abandon the tournament. If you kill Ciro now, it’s the same as killing him earlier. If you spare Ciro, however, the Bloody Ties DLC will continue normally with Ciro still alive. You will not get a bad ending by choosing to abandon the tournament.

If you spare Ciro, he’ll help during the final boss fight of Bloody Ties. That’s the only real benefit you’ll get from keeping Ciro alive, although it’s a pretty big bonus since he shaves off a significant chunk of the final encounter if he’s present. He’ll also remain a major character throughout the DLC’s story since he’s still alive, and having more characters is always a good thing.

Dying Light 2 is available now on PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X|S.

- This article was updated on November 10th, 2022

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