Sniper Elite 5: How to Disable Axis Invasions From Other Players

Find out how to keep your sanity a little longer in Sniper Elite 5!

by Shaun Cichacki


If you’re looking to enjoy the silence in Sniper Elite 5, you may not be in as much luck as you’d like. With the introduction of the new Axis Invasion mode, there is a good chance that you’ll be at the mercy of your own medicine, with another player attempting to hunt you down. You’ll need to put your skills to the test and make sure that you’ll be able to survive, take down your enemies, and maybe even another player at the same time. Seems stressful, doesn’t it?

Let’s find out if there is any way that you’ll be able to turn off this setting, allowing you to make your way through the world of Sniper Elite 5 in peace, rather than resting in peace. Let’s lock and load as we make our way into this guide!

Can You Turn Off Axis Invasion In Sniper Elite 5?

Thankfully, Sniper Elite 5 offers ways to play for any and every player, with customizable difficulty options to make sure your experience is exactly what you’re hoping it will be. Thankfully, this also comes into play with Axis Invasion mode, as you’re able to toggle it on and off, depending on your skill level.

If you’re looking to turn this option off, there is a simple way to make that happen.

  • Select Campaign
  • Scroll to Allow Axis Invasion
  • Select On or Off
  • Continue your game

That’s all you’ll need to do to make sure that you’re not getting sniped down by an opponent who may be more skilled than you are. And you know what, this game offers many different ways to play, so you’ll never be at a true disadvantage. You’ll find out how to take advantage of the wind, bullet drops, and more game-specific loops as you continue to play, so if you’re comfortable with one-on-one sniper battles in the future, you’ll be able to turn this back on with a simple flip of a switch.

As you learn more about the game and get involved in the Axis Invasion mode, you’ll be able to take down other player-controlled characters and earn weapons, skins, and more XP. Until then, make sure you’re taking advantage of all of the other options this game has to offer, including cross-play multiplayer action and more.

If you’re having a problem getting the game to launch, we’ve even got you covered on that front. If you’re an Xbox Game Pass subscriber, you’ll even be able to take this game for a spin on release day!

Sniper Elite 5 is available now for PC, PlayStation 4 and 5, Xbox One, and Series X|S.

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