Sonic Frontiers Fishing Spots: All Fishing Locations on Each Map

Can you outfish Big the Cat?

by Elliott Gatica

If you want to wind down from all the high-octane action in Sonic Frontiers, whether by completing stages or fighting the Guardians, there’s somewhere to go. Fishing with Big the Cat is a direct fan service to many. The thing is, with how huge these open worlds are, it might be hard to find his location. Luckily, we can help you locate the fishing spots on every map in Sonic Frontiers.

All Fishing Spots in Sonic Frontiers

A majority of the islands in the game have at least one fishing spot. Each world will have its own set of species to catch, there is also a “catch completion” meter to finish. Although it has no purpose towards trophies, it’ll add to the Fish-o-pedia and give you a bunch of tokens to buy things like Egg Memos.

Kronos Island Fishing Spot


The first fishing spot in the game can be found in the westernmost part of the map. Once you get to the Elder Koco, proceed until you can go west. This isolated part of the island will also be nearby the silver Chaos Emerald.

Ares Island Fishing Spot


This is very isolated from the rest of the land on this map. The Northern Fishing Spot is located in the southeast. It’s not as down south as 2-2, but it’s on its own piece of land off the coast. To get here, you have to either complete challenges M-042 or M-041. These are also good points of reference for where you have to go.

Next, there’s a well at each of these places that you can jump into. When you get to the bottom of the well, proceed through it until you make it back up. If you follow the map closely, you should eventually get there.

Chaos Island Fishing Spot


You’re most likely going to get to this spot after clearing the M-068 puzzle. For context, this puzzle is on the leftmost island on the map. It’ll then give you access to the bottom part of the land in the southeast. It’s also worth coming here to complete the challenge and unlock the map more.

Rhea Island Fishing Spot

There is no fishing spot here. Since this is more of a pure platforming section, this is all story-related. Enemies and challenges don’t appear here either.

Ouranos Island Fishing Spots


There are two fishing spots on this island.

The first fishing location on this map is close by where you start off. From the hill where you collect the blue Chaos Emerald, head south. This is by challenge M-082 (the Tetris-inspired challenge).

The next spot for fishing is close to the cyan Chaos Emerald. Once you’re on the hilly section and by 4-8, you’re on the right track. Head south once again, fighting or ignoring the Master Ninja Guardian boss battle. Once you are where all the mossy ruins are, the last fishing spot is right here.

With all spots located, you can go ahead and collect all the purple coins you want so you can then fish for a long time with Big the Cat!

Sonic Frontiers is available now on Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, and PC.

- This article was updated on November 10th, 2022

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