SoulFrame: Release Date, Gameplay, Platforms, Trailer, and Everything We Know

Your path awaits.

by Elliott Gatica


SoulFrame was first shown off as a proper way to conclude Tennocon 2022. It’s an entirely new game away from Warframe, although it’s under the same game studio and using the same engine. The only difference is that the people working on the game have moved on from Warframe and passed the torch to new blood. With SoulFrame now in the works, when can we expect a release date? What about the platforms and other important info? We can share all we know below.

SoulFrame Release Date

This game does not have a release date at the time. It only started being in production back in Spring 2022, according to Steve Sinclair, once the Creative Director of Warframe and now a writer and programmer for SoulFrame. Essentially, the process has only begun. The Digital Extremes team will most likely expand the team in the upcoming months, showing new faces that we have not seen yet.

That’s why the only actual footage we got from the game was cinematic. It does feel similar to Warframe because it’ll borrow a lot of elements from the game and vice versa. Lots of assets like graphics and tech will be used across both games in a “cross-pollination scenario” described by Rebecca Ford, the new Creative Director of Warframe.

Since the SoulFrame team will be using a lot of the framework set by Warframe, we shouldn’t expect it to come out several years later. It just won’t be as soon as people had hoped.

SoulFrame Gameplay and Platforms

The game will be a lot slower in pace compared to its ninja counterpart, Warframe. It’ll focus more on melee combat compared to the high-octane gun-and-blade combat that we have all gotten used to. What it will focus on aside from melee combat is co-op, but those who prefer to play solo can do that too.

Rebecca and Steve had a particular back and forth where she cheekily asked him if the SoulFrame team is waiting on Warframe to finally implement crossplay. “Are you gonna wait for us to do crossplay and cross-save so that you can just have it at launch?”

No platforms have been specifically announced yet, but that interaction may have given away that this game will have a multiplatform launch.

SoulFrame is still in early development and has no release date yet.

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